Eliminate Your Chance Of Gaining Weight During Winter — In Four Easy Ways

Spend your winter working hard on the sidelines for that ideal summer body

There are several reasons why we naturally gain more weight in winter than summer. The biggest reason is that we usually become less active within the cool months. Colder temperatures, bad weather, and susceptibility to colds and flu can also play a big part. It’s also perfectly normal to want warm, hearty meals rather than salads and fresh raw whole foods. It has been noticeably a lot more painful with the effects of Covid all over the world, and with gym closures, lockdown, isolation at home — most of us would have succumbed to some weight gain. Pushing through those natural tendencies above, can easily dent some of our body shaping enthusiasm. It can be hard to get back into your normal routine after a long  break. The thought of snuggling up in front of a warm heater, wrapped up with a blanket while watching Netflix is so much more comforting. I believe we could all use a gentle reminder during the colder months to keep our motivation and commitment towards attaining that summer-ready body as much as possible. 

Four ways to keep your weight under control in winter

One: Meal prep to ensure you eat properly and foods of high nutritional value.

Use the weekend to plan your meals and batch cook for the week ahead. If you are back working in an office, prepare the meals and freeze. All you need to do is defrost them the night before, and you have a ready-made meal that saves you so much time and hundreds of added calories you don’t need (not to mention the junk like ingredients that most takeaway foods contain). Learn to cook simple and very nutrient-dense meals. I have plenty on my website here if you would like to try some. 

Two: Exercise daily

It’s essential to stay as active as possible. Walk, exercise at home with the equipment you have, or get to the gym. It’s vital to keep active, use the car less, walk more often and use our muscles by lifting weights. Strengthen your bones and ligaments by lifting weights 3–4 times a week. It’s a must if you want to build a healthy, strong body that’s lean and muscular.
Three: Intermittently fastFasting will help you lose weight and maintain it for life-giving you the most optimal health — possibly better than any other diet is capable of. It’s easy to follow and requires only the commitment to eliminate one main meal a day. You really can’t get a diet that’s more simple and effective than this one. 

Four: Consistency is key

It’s ideal to become consistent with your food and exercise. Always work out on the days you can (no excuses) and make sure you take the time to prepare your healthy meals, rather than resorting to huge portions and takeaway options. You will save both your health and money in the process. Once a week should be dedicated to one and only one treat meal. This can be a takeaway or something from a restaurant that you can enjoy with friends or family. We only have to follow some simple and fundamental steps during fall or winter to spend less time in the summertime, making up for the lack of planning and consistency. Always plan your goals for what kind of body you want to have and achieve this weekly and monthly. There are plenty of resources on my website, and I’m happy to answer your questions regarding any advice you may need. Remember the saying — “Summer bodies are made in the winter?” Let that hold you accountable for your winter being the time to grind it out for a healthy, lean and fit summer body ahead. If you would like to read more articles like this or start writing your own, please sign up via my link. I’d love to see you on the other side. Sign up here for your medium subscription.

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