The Number One Rapid Weight Loss Plan, Minus The Nasty Side Effects

Faster weight loss is not always the best option — unless you know the secret

 So-called “rapid fat loss” begins after you have spent months and months grinding it out on your own without any results. To those on the outside, it happened overnight. But to you, the months of sweat & frustration were some of your most trying times. Most people are after easy and rapid fat loss. They don’t want to bother with sweaty brows or underarm sweat. Be careful what you ask for — as there is a price to pay for the rapid way. I have travelled this road many times — and this is what can happen. 

Two ugly side effects of rapid weight loss

One: You may experience hair thinning or hair loss.

Hair loss is mainly the result of deficient iron, but the rapid fat loss can also magnify the hair loss. You may start to see your hair thin out and perhaps fall out. Any one of these things can happen. For example, one day, when getting ready in the bathroom, you might notice that your hair is not as thick or intense as it used to be. This is a result of fast fat loss — but more likely an iron deficiency. Thankfully for most of us, it’s not permanent & is easy to overcome. 

Two: You may experience diminishing iron levels

Weight loss sometimes brings about malnourishment due to the elimination of food groups. Perhaps you aren’t eating enough or not absorbing your nutrients properly. You can turn this around in no time, but do be aware of this. Dieting depletes nutrients, and iron is an essential nutrient for energy and also wellbeing. If you choose the realistic lifestyle pathway, you may still experience the above effects, but it will be a lot less magnified. Slower weight loss is intelligent— It helps ingrain those important eating habits and implement some exercise.  However, there is usually nothing excessive about this, and cutting out food groups shouldn’t be a weight-loss option (unless it’s refined sugars and flours kind of food group).The one method to bypass a lot of the rubbish that happens to our bodies is simple. When I want a lifestyle plan, I expect it to be good for my health and help me lose body fat. The bigger plus side to this is that I will maintain my weight loss for life by following the simple strategies. 

My number one Fat loss plan is intermittent fasting

Yes, you got that right! So why is fasting so great? Well, I have been through hundreds of different diets, and no diet has allowed me to look good, feel good and have all the energy, stamina and strength I need to perform at my best daily.As a result, I am a lot more focused — the constant lack of energy I experienced is now a thing of the past. Not only will you lose the weight you want (and possibly more), you will maintain it for life. I don’t know about you, but I have spent years with maintenance as my biggest problem. Trainers will tell you what to do for weight loss — but what happens when you achieve that goal? What’s next in terms of maintenance? What are you supposed to eat, and what else is there? I know the frustration; I have been there many times! That’s why fasting is rewarding because you don’t have to stress too much about maintenance. Cutting out a meal per day is a good maintenance tactic. What about when choosing your meals? Choosing your meals is simple because you aren’t having 5–6 per day anymore! So throw out your cooler bag today! Save time, money and also your sanity without having to meal prep. Fasting works best with exercise, although it’s not a huge priority. However, I recommend you do some form of exercise because it is suitable for your health and well being. As I mentioned before, this is a lifestyle habit — not a one-hit-wonder. Therefore, it’s essential to do things right. What I love about fasting is that it’s so easy. It doesn’t take much effort at all, and you can have a life eliminating the need to decide what to eat and when to prepare it!I remember back when I was in bodybuilding, eating six meals a day. All I ever did was eat and eat, and I had so many stomach cramps and digestion issues. But, I was always hungry and would spend most of my weekends meal prepping like there was no tomorrow. So much meat that I honestly cannot handle eating now. You don’t need to eat like that to maintain good health, be in excellent shape and feel good. If you are feeling horrible, then it’s time to re-think your plan and try something else. Give fasting a try. If you would like to read more articles like this or start writing your own, please sign up via my link. I’d love to see you on the other side. Sign up here for your medium subscription

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