5 essential steps for faster weight loss

There is no easy or fast way to lose fat; that’s the truth of it. There are, of course, several things you can do to speed up the process. Everything does take a certain amount of time, and it will depend entirely on your efforts and genetics. Most people don’t really grasp that fat and weight loss is something that needs to be looked at for life, maintained and managed accordingly. There is never any 3-month fix or year for that matter. It’s a daily task that requires effort, enthusiasm and commitment.

I will share with you my fat loss tips, and you can feel free to adapt or apply which ones you would prefer. Remember that small amounts of effort over time, add up to larger than life results.

Five essential steps for faster weight loss

  1. Intermittent fasting. Fasting is the process of cessation of food consumption during periods, on a daily or weekly basis. Over time, your body is forced to use fat stores for energy on, rather than relying on carbohydrate sources. This leads to fat loss a lot faster than traditional diets, as well as with fewer side effects (such as lethargy, constant hunger and moodiness). It’s more effective than caloric restriction. Timeframes for fat loss will vary for every person.
  2. Eat more protein. This should be an essential part of your dieting strategy because protein helps to keep you full for more extended periods, it’s thermogenic that requires energy to digest, and it retains muscle mass as you diet. Some great sources of low calorie, but dense protein sources are eggs, fish, chicken breast and wild-caught meats. Try to include protein with every single meal you have. I like to take eggs with me daily, as it helps me to achieve my protein quota, and keeps that level of sustained energy throughout the day. The worst part of dieting is feeling hungry all the time – but consuming protein will help you overcome this.
  3. Include greener vegetables in your diet. I mention protein, but we do need to include a wide range of green plants for their nutrient value. We also have to keep in mind that when carb cycling, consuming more plants to keep us full for longer periods, is essential. Pick veggies such as spinach, kale, lettuce, cabbage and broccoli and add them to your protein source. Make sure to add some fats, like avocado and olive oil. Fats help with the absorption of nutrients, and they make the meal that little bit tastier!
  4. Weight train instead of using endless bouts of cardio. Weight training is key to long term fat loss. When we build muscle mass, our potential to burn body fat increases, and we then change our body shape. Although this takes some time to master, it’s a lot faster and manageable long term, then doing long and laborious stints of cardio daily. Weight training also makes you insulin sensitive, and this a big part of fat loss. You want your body to burn fat stores or use the energy for activities – not store them as fat.
  5. Don’t eat less; it will only backfire long term. It’s important to understand that when we eat far less than what our body needs, we go into starvation mode. The body reacts by decreasing our metabolism and allowing the storing of fat. When weight training, your body will require a bit more fuel to repair micro muscle tears and make the muscle stronger so you can lift more next time around. Allow your body to gauge what it needs and consume accordingly and within your nutritional quota. It’s not a good idea to stuff yourself, but to eat sensibly is a must. When you fast, you will need to supplement your fuel sources when you are eating, and that also should be taken as a sensible measure – but not as an excessive one.

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