10 Ways to Change Your Body Shape in 4 Weeks

The basics will always produce results with consistent repetition

You can get in pretty good shape in a matter of three weeks.

Some people respond better than others — depending on hormones, genetics, and their dedication to the weight loss game.

If you have a lot more weight to lose, you will see results quickly.

However, for those who have a few more stubborn Kg’s that won’t budge, you might need to try something on the list that’s slightly different.

To determine what strategy works best, a bit of trial and error is called for.

Ten of the best tips to get into shape, even sooner than three weeks!

One: Intermittently fast

This is not only a lifestyle diet to help you shed body fat, but it’s also an excellent method to increase your longevity, quality of life and energy whilst reducing inflammation and toxicity.

You will lose bodyweight fast and even more effective when fasting coincides with exercise.

Two: Weight train

It’s so important to lift weights, both heavy and moderate, to increase muscle mass, tone, conditioning, as well as for weight loss.

Nothing is more effective than building your body’s strength and bone density for quality of life beyond your current age bracket.

Embrace the ability to build muscle, as you are also increasing the efficiency of your metabolism.


Three: Eat properly, not less

This means whole foods, nourishing protein sources, and the correct form of carbohydrates.

There is no point at all depriving yourself of natural and healthy foods.

Instead, structure your meals to contain the highest amounts of raw vegetables, followed by protein, fats, and moderate carbs.

The smallest part of your plate is saved for carbs depending on your training level.

So instead, fill your belly with fresh vegetables and moderate amounts of protein. These are the critical components to a healthy body and shapely physique.


Four: Say no to added sugar

Sugar happens to be in almost all items located within supermarket isles.

So stay away from packet sauces, mixes and even your protein bars!

Check every label, and ensure the added sugar content is zero or extremely low in plant-derived sugar (like stevia).

Manufacturers hide sugar in the forms of ‘so-called healthy’ alternatives like maple syrup, coconut sugar and the like.

Although these are a lot better when compared to white sugar, it’s still a sweetened alternative.

You do not need to consume these.

In moderation, yes, but daily no.


Five: Eat more fibre rich foods every day

Soluble fibre absorbs water and slows down food passing through the digestive tract.

This can delay stomach emptying, making it expand and feel more satisfied.

By doing this, you may consume a lot fewer calories, which is a win for anyone trying to watch their weight.

This is excellent news if you are trying to aid yourself in those hunger pangs.

Soluble fibre also decreases the accumulation of fat around the organs, reducing the size of your waistline.

The best sources of fibre include avocado, brussels sprouts, blackberries, flaxseeds and oats. Try and eat as much of these as you can daily.


Six: HIIT interval training

To get into great shape, and lose those stubborn pockets of body fat, try HIIT.

The trick is to go all out when you hit the high-intensity period, then rest for a short amount of time before starting this again all over.

It will leave you breathless but give you the most impressive results.

You should only perform HIIT for 20 minutes, at best 2–3 times per week. Save your strength and drive for weight training instead.


Seven: Add the magic of apple cider

Acetic acid is one of the main components of apple cider, which is said to help reduce weight.

Here is a study conducted in 2018.

Always pick the mother apple acids, which is always cloudy on the bottom of the glass.

Add a shot of apple cider in the morning, upon waking, then during the day and in salads.

It’s sour, tasty and delicious.


Eight: Do lots of incidental exercises, like walking

You don’t need to exercise like a maniac every day to get in shape.

Walking has some great benefits. Brisk walks even help you reduce your overall body fat, especially around the belly area.

All you need to do is walk for 30–40 minutes extra per day.

Aim to do an hour or so when you are free. Building up to longer sessions is always advisable.


Nine: Drink lots of water

Aim to drink 3–4 litres per day.

I like to drink one litre before working out, 500ml or one litre during my workout, and the rest during the later part of the day.

I don’t include other beverages in this mix.

I usually have a couple of coffees and many glasses of herbal tea.

Keep yourself hydrated, not only for functioning optimally but also for hydrating your body and training effectively in the gym.

Sugar filled drinks are out of the picture.

Focus on easy access to fresh, cold water and warm herbal beverages.


Ten: Chew your food properly

This is a big one for many people.

I know you are starving, but your brain won’t register the food you eat, and there is an even bigger chance of overeating.

Fast and furious eating promotes gas, bloating, irritability, and other gurgling abdominal symptoms.

Sit down and slowly chew your food, enjoying the taste, sound and texture — no eating on the run here. Stop, smell the roses, and enjoy. ????


Key take away

Which one of these options have you not tried out yet? Take the one that suits you best, and try it out for about 30 days.

Whether it’s eating slowly, adding more fibre into your diet, drinking a lot more water or being more active, you will experience better health and longevity.

Gradually, the weight will start to diminish.

Always think of your health’s best interest, and the rest will start to fall into place.


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