The one Supplement Proven to Boost Muscle Endurance and Health

This is excellent news for anyone that cannot exercise or suffers from muscle atrophy

One key supplement promotes muscle endurance and mitochondrial health in humans.

It may also play a part in improving or prolonging muscular activity in ageing or suffering from disease or injury.

Any of these makes exercise extremely difficult.

These findings were published in JAMA Network Open.

All information produced is relevant for those who want to be more active as they age and anyone with chronic disease.

A substance called Urolithin A is a byproduct of someone’s gut and a diet high in polyphenols (such as those contained in nuts, berries & pomegranates).

Your age, diet, genetics and disease have the power to alter your gut microbiome.

As a result, this leaves urolithin A to produce at variable rates.

Urolithin is found in a lot of dietary supplements.

To use an excellent analogy for you, Mitochondria are similar to batteries, powering up your cells. But, as with any good thing, they break down.

A research group containing a small number of people over 65 were either given a placebo or a daily supplement of 1000 mg urolithin A for four months.

Each participant was diagnosed with the average or subpar capacity to produce ATP (mitochondria produce help cells perform several functions.

If this Supplement did, in fact, boost mitophagy, test subject’s would experience improved muscle function and greater ATP output.

At the end of the research period, the supplement group showed improved endurance in two aspects of a muscle in the supplement group.

A whole-body difference did not occur for those who took the Supplement, but it did improve muscle endurance, & fatigue resistance got better with the absence of exercise.

Urolithin A supplements could potentially benefit those who cannot get the relevant exercise needed due to poor muscle health or disease.

Even with something as simple as a regular walk, climbing the stairs or being more active than passive can help build that person health.

This greatly helps the individual on both physical and mental health levels.


Key takeaways

Urolithin A supplements are an excellent choice to have whether you are exercising or not.

This study didn’t specify the effects of consuming natural polyphenols to assess just how much would be required for similar results — but who’s to say that eating these foods won’t help give you a well-needed boost anyway?

When I did a bit of a google search, I was not surprised at how many companies sell natural alternatives of this supplement (or perhaps, a very similar alternative).

If you find exercise hard due to injury, have had surgery, or perhaps want to boost your muscle-building potential, why not add more polyphenols into your diet anyway and take an added supplement to cover your bases.

Keep in mind that polyphenols are great for anyone. However, we could all use a boost.

It will help you recover a lot more rapidly from intense exercise and quite possibly allow you to train at higher intensities whilst boosting your chances of gaining muscle a lot faster.

How can any keep bodybuilder or gym fanatic argue with that?

Please feel free to read up on the literature here.

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