If you could choose only 3 exercises to lose weight and firm up, which 3 exercises would you pick, and why?

I do really love my dead lifting!

This is such a great question because in a world over filled with constant sources of information, it’s a mighty relief to finally narrow down choices. This eliminates overwhelming streams of info, confusion and failure.

Before I do go into my 3 top exercises, let me remind you that these won’t have a huge effect on your weight loss and reshaping goals without adequate fuel. This means, you do have to watch what you eat, as well as consuming the correct things. I’m not going to go into this now, as I’ve got a huge amount of resourceful blog posts on this topic. When you finish reading this post, do follow up by subscribing to my fat blast email newsletter, as well as follow me on social.

Top 3 exercises that burn fat, reshape and strengthen your body.

  1. Deadlifts. This is by far, the ultimate, almost complete body movement you can use. That is the main reason why I pick this as my number one choice. It works the most muscles on your body, simultaneously, causing huge metabolic xxxx, muscle and strength growth. It literally torches body fat, if done correctly. This is why it’s called the best “bang for your buck” movement. Not many people perform this exercise enough, mainly because proper form takes a bit of practice. It’s definitely worth your time and effort. Long term, you will be thankful it’s in your regular training program.
  2. Squats. I know some people may argue with me regarding the range of squatting. I studied and tested both in real life, and the best squats are full range. That means, your arse touches your calves, and no less! They will give you the most superior results, and here is why!
    – Gives you better muscle coordination and movement
    – Maximising the activation and development of your hamstrings and quads
    – Greater running speed and jump
    One of my most favourite squat techniques is the one-and-a-quarter method, in which you go all the way down, come up for 20 to 30 degrees, pause for a second, descend back to the bottom, and come up quickly. Try those on for the ‘OUCH’ factor!!
  3. Chin ups. Chin ups are one of the best upper body exercises you can do. It works the upper back and arms as it’s primary mover, as well as activating the abdominal muscles and lower back.
    You may think that chin ups are really difficult if you are a beginner. There are actually some modifications you can that will work towards mastering the lifting of your own body weight (and beyond if you choose). Start by jumping up to the bar, holding yourself upwards, in the flexed arm position. Then slowly lower yourself until you get down again. Repeat for 6–10 reps, 4 sets. Do this consistently and you will be able to execute a chin up in no time.

The reason why all of these exercise are effective is because:-

  1. They activate and recruit a large number of muscles, the technical term is called compound movements.
  2. They make your workout a lot more effective in terms of burning body fat, increasing your muscle mass, as well as building strength. Why not tackle all three in on exercise?
  3. They literally re-shape your body, and you will notice a big change when you alter your diet as well.

Use these exercises regularly and you will most definitely get the best benefits all round.

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