4 effective training alternatives that burn body fat, and re-shape your body.

Nothing burns body fat faster than nutritional alterations. It’s about 80% of the overall scope of weight loss – even when you are trying to put on muscle mass. It’s the nutritional choices you make daily that make all the difference.

Exercise, on the other hand, is a beautiful add on to this strategy. It can significantly enhance your fat-burning potential. We have to expand our mind a bit beyond the old and outdated fact that cardio was king for fat loss. This is not entirely the case, as much research has been done to prove that cardio is not always the best and most effective method for achieving your goals.

Below I’ll highlight what I use to burn body fat, and how that can help you alter those ingrained notions about cardio, and it’s supposed fat-burning potential.

Four effective training alternatives that burn body fat and re-shape your body.

  1. Weight training. A lot of people assume weight training is just for building muscle mass. In a way, it certainly is – but it can be used as a fat-burning tool – whilst re-shaping your body into a lean, mean, fighting machine. The exercise will depend on your experience and what goals you want to achieve. A lot of my clients want the best of both worlds – fat burning and muscle building. While this is most certainly possible, you should seek the advice and guidance of a professional. The worst that can happen is you become lost in the technicalities of this training and miss out on proper guidance and advice.
  2. HIIT is key to stubborn fat loss. A lot of us may experience pockets of fat on our bodies, that sometimes have a hard time shifting. With proper training and nutrition, these deposits can diminish or disappear – but that will depend on the kind of exercise you do. Weights can and will change your conditioning, but HIIT takes the fat-burning to another – more advanced alternative. It’s those short, intense bouts of exercise and minimal recovery that shoot your metabolism into oblivion and keep that calorie consuming metabolism on high alert, even after you have finished exercising.
  3. Lift weights faster – circuit training. I use circuit training techniques when I’m on holidays or having to use some shocking gym equipment when I’m overseas. Sure beats being in the gym for hours when on holidays (although, you should not be doing circuit training drills every day). Pick about four different exercises you would typically use in your weight training regime and lower the weight ultimately. Perform all of these exercises back to back, without resting, until you get to the last exercise. Rest for 60 – 120 seconds and then repeat again and again. You should be done in about 30 to 45 minutes. Make it count by doing at least five rounds.
  4. Incidental exercise – the leisurely paced way of doing things. A lot of people don’t talk about arbitrary exercise – but I must bring this to light as everything you do daily, ads up. Don’t assume that something you do, which is somewhat relaxing, has no positive effects on fat burning. That long walk you do every day counts for something, and you should always aim to be as active as you can be, rather than sitting down for prolonged periods. Take the stairs, walk to and from work, walk home and in your lunch break. Refuse to succumb to the addictive habit of sitting down. It’s terrible for your whole body, and for exercise recovery too! Get up regularly, walk around and talk to people face to face, rather than emailing them.

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