The Three Best Training Tip For Weight Loss Success And Metabolic Increase

Why not add these two components to your training regime for success

There are so many tips telling us what to do for optimal fat loss. I’m not even going to cover the things I’ve read but never executed myself. I have spent the last 20 years training and failing. Therefore I’ve come to understand through trial and error what works and what doesn’t. It’s been a long and rewarding road — but I choose never to stray from the path that works consistently. We can use all different training techniques that increase the variety and help keep us motivated. I wouldn’t say I like doing the same thing, but I will do something consistently if it works. Why fiddle with the wheel when it works just fine? I want to let you in on two things I’ve done that work pretty well for many years. My intention has always been to increase my metabolisms efficiency, burn body fat faster, build muscle and get the hell out of the gym as soon as I can! Therefore, I have tried and utilised these techniques in order to get me there a lot faster. For those who want to build lots of muscle — this is probably not for you, although you can throw in some of these techniques to change the pace of your training a bit. Variety is the spice of training life. Perhaps you might like to try them to get the weight loss and muscle building results you’ve always wanted.

Tip One: Keep your workout short but intense

Aim to finish off your workout within 60 minutes or less. Try limiting it for about 45 minutes if you can. That will help you decrease stress hormones that cause a catabolic environment. What that means is that too much cortisol increases your chances of losing muscle and gaining fat. Try hard not to overtrain — it won’t produce lasting results. The last thing you want is to put your body in a position to become injured and stop training for an extended period. Keep consistent, and leave something in the tank. You don’t need to slam your body to get the best results.

Tip Two: Train to failure often

Training to failure will bring on those gruesome facial expressions — but well worth the afterburn they produce. Push to increase your repetition count as much as possible. I usually have a set of smaller weights nearby, and when I cannot perform the reps at my chosen weight, I keep going with less. Don’t stop your reps until you can’t do any more. I know it hurts, but the results are well worth the initial pain it brings!

Tip Three: Keep your rest periods short and sweet

Don’t allow yourself to rest after a set of exercises entirely. When you’ve had a breather, grab your weights and start again. Keep a tally of how long you’ve rested, making sure it’s no longer than 60 seconds. Unfortunately, this calls for lowering your weight. Don’t be put off by this because you’re aiming for hypertrophy, stamina and fat burn, not necessarily strength. Save your more extended rest periods for those strength sessions. That’s it, guys! These three things performed consistently in my training have helped me maintain leanness and increased my muscle mass. If you are finding your training results stagnating, try one or more of these in your sessions and see how it works for you. Keep your eyes on the clock, and try to finish your training in less time than you would normally. That might mean eliminating conversations in the gym or not being distracted by TV or phone scrolling. Make your session in the gym count for something — your goals!

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