The Best Drink For Health & Weight Loss, First Thing In The Morning

How a straightforward drink can do a lot for weight loss and your health

Drinking water upon waking is one of the best ways to start your day.But, no doubt, sleeping leaves you dehydrated. So it makes sense that drinking water first can help eliminate the dehydration sleep causes. But there are many more benefits associated with adding lemon to your water, for it can assist with your weight loss and health goals. The good news is that you don’t have to skip coffee, but you might not even need it after the boost this simple drink will give you every morning. 

One: Getting your digestion going

Drinking warm water (I prefer to mix boiled water with filtered room temperature) in the morning helps move your digestive system and bring on nature. If you suffer from constipation daily, this small thing alone can help you out. Drink as much warm water with lemon (I add ginger for a kick) as you can stomach.This small Ayurvedic principle says that the sour lemon taste stimulates your “Agni.” A strong Agni jump-starts the digestive system, allowing you to digest food more efficiently and prevent toxins’ build-up. 

Two: It gives you glowing skin

Vitamin C in lemons reduces wrinkling of the skin, dryness and is anti-ageing. Vitamin C also aids in the repair of damaged skin. Water in itself brings more hydration and decreases the rate of wrinkles. I mean, this in itself is a powerful (and cheap) form of anti-ageing. Wrinkles and skin conditions may be genetic in some way, but it’s what we put on the inside reflects itself on the outside. The evidence takes place on the surface of your skin.


Three: Helps control your weight.

Antioxidants found in the lemons helps to reduce weight and improve insulin sensitivity. Although the studies were predominantly performed with rats, it’s more likely that drinking more water in itself helps to increase feelings of fullness. That’s pretty much enough for anyone to lose weight and control any future weight gain. The best way to prevent overeating and weight gain is to do the following. First, drink two tall glasses of water before you eat a meal or snack. Then wait if you start to feel hungry anyway shortly after this. If you do, go ahead and eat (that means you are genuinely hungry). If you are not, then go about your thing until the natural hunger starts to take place. Although we don’t have human studies, it’s beneficial to squeeze lemon juice in water to quench thirst and provide a cleansing element to start your day.


Four: Boosts metabolism

Water itself induces thermogenesis because it enhances the function of mitochondria, a type of organelle in cells that helps the body produce energy.Coldwater provides a more significant boost because your body expends calories to lower the water temps.Although it’s not a massive booster in general, it’s something. As I always say, minor habits count and make a difference in our future. I have been drinking lemon and hot water noticed a difference in my digestion and the elimination of bloating and water retention. I even love it so much that I can skip the coffee without any withdraws or lack of energy. I believe the reason why most of us are tired is that we don’t drink enough. If we drink 1–2 glasses of water before a meal, it will significantly impact our weight loss and longevity goal.

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