4 strategies that tone your whole body in 30 days or less

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Fast track your results by following these four strategies

The secret to a toned body has a lot to do with food and training with weights. It helps follow a strategic meal and exercise plan like a person on a mission. Following your plan consistently and committedly will be your winning edge. The time it tasks will differ from person to person, depending on genetics, lifestyle, and enthusiasm. I can’t give you one way to get results because there isn’t just one. The results you get stem from so many different things — and I’m going to narrow it down to four for you. When it comes to weight loss, your main vice is food. That’s the primary key to achieving your goal. But when you want to tone your body, re-shape it and put on some muscle, it’s a matter of diet AND how you train. So that’s the second part of the equation. It’s more than just adding muscle — it changes your mindset. Your mindset and dedication to keep trying, despite a lack of results or during challenging times in your life — will make you unstoppable. There will be a lot of tough times. But weight training can save you from yourself! So here is all you need to know during the first 30 days of your journey. 

One: Your diet should consist of protein, fats & minimal complex carbs

Diet will help you sustain your workouts, build muscle mass, and burn off some body fat that can disguise your precious muscle. Why not trim up while you tone in the process? Eating low caloric sources of protein is essential during the first month. Eat moderate amounts of eggs, chicken breast, and fish. Eat good quality fats like avocado, olive, and coconut oil. Avocado for women is a big thing because it changes the disposition of fat in the belly. Read more about it here:Ladies — Eating This One Thing Can Change Your Abdominals and HealthI didn’t realise just how powerful one humble little thing can give us women such great resultsmedium.com Keep carbs light and make sure they consist of oats, sweet potatoes, and basmati rice. Filling up on carbs that contain a lot of fibre should be your main priority. Basmati rice is nice on some odd occasions to add a bit of variety to your diet. 

Two: Multi-joint movements are your best overall body shaper

Exercises like deadlifts, squats, lunges, bench pressing, and pull-ups work most of the muscles in the body — giving you more leverage to shape, tone, and build the body you want. Now, I know these exercises are complex — they are meant to be. That’s why you get the best results when you use them consistently. My advice is to seek the help of a professional or ask a knowledgeable friend. The only way to combat your lack of knowledge is to ask someone to show you. This is the best way to fast track your weight loss and body-shaping results! Most people don’t even attempt half of these complex moves because they leave you feeling challenged and with a sore ego! Remember, the more muscles you use at any time, the more results you will get. It will make you sweat a lot and perhaps let out a groan! Welcome to the world of heavy lifting! This one thing will set you apart from the rest of the population and change your body within a month. However, skipping this step will not fast track your results in 30 days or less. 

Three: Rest

Training with weights is essential, but so is resting. Intense training to build muscle needs recovery time to repair and grow beyond its potential. This will help you lift more weight long term. What does resting consist of? It’s taking time away from lifting weights but not being inactive. Take a walk, do a yoga class, or even ride your bike. Do another activity as a form of relaxation and not something you must do to burn calories. We want to retain the energy we have and channel it to prepare the muscle — and rejuvenate our energy levels. Sleep and rest are vital for changes in your body shape to occur. 

Four: Consistency

You must train consistently, every week, no matter what. Training plans must cater to your personal goals, and you must constantly challenge your body to move beyond its current set point. To achieve this, you must apply the principle of consistency and stay committed to your game plan. I know things can be challenging, and work might get in the way. Maybe you have a sick kid, or covid rears its head. That’s ok — things happen all the time. However, you have to keep in your mind’s eye that you will begin the commitment and consistency process in full force when you start again! Just as you train, you rest, and you eat well. All of these things have a follow on effect in achieving your goal. One cannot be achieved without the other. So stay true to your goal and be the champion you want to become. 

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