Four fat loss hacks that work for anyone over 40

I fell into the trap of deciding that after 40, everything got more brutal. I almost believed this theory, especially when the people around me were chiming in, saying the same thing. Does it all go downhill and sour at 40? Am I destined to be fat and dreadful unhappy with my body forever?
Luckily I did my research before deciding NOT to follow the crowd and stop using the “age bracket” as an excuse to let things go.
One of the key reasons we put on weight as we age is our muscle mass declines. This isn’t because we are old, but because we may diminish or stop our activity. We no longer feel like being active or life gets in the way. Once we do this, our metabolism declines dramatically. Then, this makes it a lot faster to put on weight. This is when things can go wrong. Disease pops up or various illnesses.
Losing weight is no different for a 20-year-old and someone in their 40’s. It always boils down to your nutrition. Some people are fortunate and can eat whatever they like, whilst others have to watch everything. Either way, it does pay to eat a diet filled with whole foods and stay away from the processed stuff. Please do it for your health, as well as weight loss. Let me go into some specifics of what you can do to target fat loss over 40

Four fat loss hacks that work for anyone over 40

  1. Nutrition is always crucial. Yes, you do have to watch what you eat. Pick healthy, wholefoods over-processed and human-made substances. That may mean making your meals every day, eating lots of vegetables and low-fat sources of protein. Stay clear of sugars and refined carbs. I would include things like sweet potato and oats in your diet regularly.

  2. Always pick the full-fat variety. I cannot believe some peoples resistance to eating foods that are high fat. These are; Avocado, salmon, using coconut and olive oil, and dairy. It’s the low-fat variety you need to keep our of your life. Low fat usually means pumped up with chemicals to help make the food taste good. It could also mean secret sugar overloads, discussed as a foreign number. Our bodies need fat to normalise our thyroid. Don’t be afraid of it -embrace the stuff.

  3. Drink lots of water. I always get teased for the big tank of water I carry with me everywhere. It’s pretty much like a mobile kettlebell, and I love it. I make it my mission to drink the whole thing, or even over 1/2 of it. Before I train in the morning, I drink one litre of water, then one litre when I teach, and another afterwards. Water hydrates me, cleans up my skin and makes me feel energised. Drink two glasses of water before you eat, as that will help you curb your appetite by about half. This is always a good strategy for me. If you tend to overeat, then give this one a go.

  4. Lift weights. I know a lot of people resist this one, especially women. If you want a faster metabolism and maintain a toned and shapely body, you have to weight train. There is no way around this, guys. As you age, your skin and body will become a lot saggy and loose. If you like this look, then ignore this comment. I personally DON’T want to look like I have a sack of potatoes as skin. To bypass this tragic occurrence as we age, you must look after your nutrition and LIFT WEIGHTS! You don’t have to become big and bulky; lift weight enough times a week that you have had an excellent, athletic shape.

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