Seven golden wisdom snippets I wish I knew in my twenties and thirties

Becoming older is inevitable — No one can escape it, yet we still have a fair way to go along life’s journey, even at 90. There is much to do and so much more to learn.


Refer to the following oldism fractures:

  • Development of grey strained locks
  • Maybe a little bit of extra weight (hello belly — where have you been most of my life?)
  • Soreness and stiffness becoming a regular thing
  • Bedtime at 8.30 pm sound alluring — life is exhausting
  • Getting cranky at youngsters is a regularity
  • Red veins on the side of your nose

Don’t laugh 20 somethings — you will be there one day. Us oldies have something you semi-aged kids don’t have — and that’s tried and tested, fall flat on your face, in the trenches — learnt wisdom.  That’s right, we’ve been through most of the potholes of life with the scares of ageism to show for it. Those grey hairs were built upon hard work.  Let me share wise accumulations of wisdom that came with some harsh blows to the head and heart, hoping that you may take these and use them when your time comes around.  

Lesson one: Pay close attention to love, and turn your head to the rest

Most people don’t care about what you think, do, and who you are. So does it matter in the grand scheme of things? The only thing you should care about is the people you love, namely your family and those with who you have a deep connection. As for the rest, turn away and give them a hand. Be wary of people who think the direction of scathing criticism & mixed with irrelevant personal opinions serves as a basis to help you grow. That won’t help you become a better person; it just tears you down. So stay well away from these people.  

Lesson Two: Exercise and healthy eating are more important than ever.

Don’t make the mistake of thrashing your body with garbage as a youngster and expecting to have a great time when you age. You will pay for all the rubbish you did to your body — and pay big time as you age.  Our systems change, our ability to handle certain foods change. Keep exercising and eating well 90% of the time, and your life will change.  

Lesson Three: The development of xrayBS vision.

Possibly the best thing about getting older is having the superpower of reading straight through anyone’s BS, without them even saying a word. This power is developed by being amongst the wrong kind of people.  I admit it; I’ve come across a lot of doozy individuals. It’s come to be my advantage, and I assure anyone that’s been hurt, felt dis-empowered, bullied or anything else that’s inhumane — remember that their behaviour is about them, and no way a reflection of you.  Keep developing your BS vision, and nothing will get in your way of progressing towards your goals and dreams.  

Lesson four: Work hard, no matter what it is.

Many young people dismiss the hard work and effort needed to get ahead — even in jobs that start down in the basement of production. Don’t always be the person who rushes out the door to have a good time.  Instead, build your teamwork and that initiative muscle by going the extra mile more times than not. Spend the time now as a young person to set the foundations of your working life.  Maybe that’s not working hard in your job but within your side hustle. On the other hand, it could mean weekend and after-hours work. Perhaps you might have to say no to many invites.  So be it.Find something you love and work at it as much as you can. Then, one day, you will be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour.  

Lesson Five: Your instinct is the best asset you have.

There would have been several times in your life where you didn’t listen to that voice inside you. That voice that told you what is right or wrong. If you didn’t listen to your instinct, it might become a catalyst for the biggest mistakes you will ever make.  It could be your mate in marriage, a bad relationship or investment.  Sometimes the things that we want more than anything are just not good for us. So listen to that voice, as it will never lead you the wrong way — but it may not be the way you want. I learnt the hard way and made some pretty shitty mistakes.  Now, my instinct screams at me, and I pay attention to it no matter what I’m currently feeling. It’s the one thing you can rely on throughout a lifetime. So make that one of your superpowers now and as you get older.  

Lesson six: Pay attention to those health issues now.

We are all too busy to get sick or stay in bed for weeks on end. But I’d like to warn you, if you have a niggling problem now, which never seems to go away, it’s in your best interest to develop some plan of action to help you overcome this.  Whether it’s a bad back, neck or some alignment issue, get therapy now.  If you don’t take action to correct it, something more serious may happen later on in your life. Remember, your health is your wealth. Treat the body as a vessel for your daily transitioning.  Age tells us that even those hundred or so mistakes can provide us with the best pearls of wisdom to build resilience and stick ability in the future. No one is born with the ability to see the right path towards their ideal destiny. That path is carved slowly by your action and contains broken debris from the falls you had along the way. Embrace the scratches on your knees, and remember the wisdom build on those scars left behind.

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