Adding a Decade to Your Life is as Easy as Changing one Thing

If you want to live a longer, more healthy life — here’s how

Did you know you could add a decade more towards your life expectancy by changing your diet? Dietary risk factors lead to 11 million deaths and 225 million disability-adjusted life years annually. This is quite staggering statistics and has led to a new study. Researchers used existing data from the Global Burden of Diseases study to build a model that estimates the effect on life expectancy through a range of dietary changes. These dietary changes can show both younger and older adults just how much of a difference it can make towards their life expectancy. Although older individuals might experience a minor change, it’s still relatively substantial. We can always change our ways, regardless of age, and still experience success. This model encourages a higher consumption of whole grains, nuts and legumes, whilst eating less processed and red meats and encouraging more plants into your diet. You can check out this model here if you are interested. The model works well because it helps people understand how easy it is to add different food groups, making significant health gains. Research in the past has only shown health benefits associated with individual food groups or diet patterns, often limiting information on the health impact of diet changes. This calculator helps to eliminate that gap. You can read more about the study here, although I encourage you to see just how much of the good stuff you can eat, which will add years to your own life. Who doesn’t want to add more good years to an extraordinary life? 

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