6 easy ways to reverse the signs of muscle loss

Muscle loss due to ageing usually begins to accelerate over the age of 50, and it affects about 10% of adults. This is also an issue as it decreases life expectancy and also the quality of life you experience as a result.

The good news is that this condition is entirely reversible with some tweaks to your diet and exercise regime, which I’m going to discuss in further detail.

Six easy ways to reverse the signs of muscle loss

  1. Use it or lose it – they key is activity and using your muscles. The age-related decline is mainly from the disuse of the muscles. When you establish correct training habits, you will be able to maintain muscle mass and strength throughout your life – thus increasing your quality of life and duration. It’s never too late to adopt a training program that’s previously abandoned in your 30’s and 40’s. You always can ward off the adverse effects of years in which you’ve been inactive. My advice is to adopt a training program based on lifting weights to strengthen your bones and increase muscle mass. Building on this foundation slowly, preferably with a trained professional, will increase your muscle mass and give you back the quality of life you deserve.
  2. Keep on the move – pick activity over sedentary. Above we spoke about adapting to a strength training program, but it’s also important to insist on movement regularly within your routine. That could mean a bike ride, or a long walk every day. The strategy is to use incidental exercise to your advantage, therefore increasing the efficiency of your metabolism as well as improving your life span. Get out into nature, take your grandkids our, or even pets. It’s essential always to take the time to get moving as often as possible.
  3. Get your diet into gear – make better choices. A fatty diet that increases muscle mass and stops if from degeneration is one that is high in protein. This should be mixed with vegetables, fats and adequate sources of complex carbohydrates. When you start to become active again, you will need to increase your protein consumption, therefore, putting you in a great position to build on the muscle you have as well as maintain it. A good strength training program will allow you to accommodate this easily, and to keep on building as you get stronger. Remember, vegetables and fats are just as important – rotate your sources regularly, so you are always getting the best nutritional value possible.
  4. Eliminate chronic inflammation with diet and exercise. Illnesses and injury send signals to our bodies to tear down and then rebuild damaged cells. When you suffer from long term or chronic disease, the inflammation disrupts average balances within the body of teardown and healing. Unfortunately, this results in muscle loss. Some examples of conditions that cause long term inflammation are; arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, lupus and infections. It’s essential to get a handle of this disease and control the symptoms through proper nutrition and exercise. This will ease inflammation and decrease muscle loss.
  5. Decrease stress. Stress, no matter what age group you fall in, has a detrimental effect on muscle loss. It’s essential to control the levels of stress. A lot of the time, these are intertwined in many different ways. Adopt some positive relaxation habits that work for you, such as yoga, meditation or regular breaks from everyday life. Sometimes a good holiday can do the trick. When you establish some proper stress controls with any conditions you may suffer, as well as the everyday stresses, you will put your body into a positive state, giving it the ability to enhance your life expectancy

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