Is 35 years too old for a woman to lose weight and be thin and attractive?

You are but a spring chicken! 35 years young, filled with life and ready to change your look. No one is ever too young or old to do anything they want to do.

The magic is in believing you can do it, and you will do what it takes.

Too many women have been conditioned to believe that when we get to a certain age, we must stop and let life take us by. What is the point in living your life, if we are not pursuing those things we care most about? For a lot of us, this means looking and feeling our best, no matter what age. This feeling should not be reserved for the young! If anything, young people are not even self aware of the impact their habits and behaviours will have on them as they age. Being more mature and coming of age means we are more self aware, leading us towards a more full-filling life, and being in tune with our bodies. I was never in tune with my body as a younger person. It’s only now that I’m older, I can say that your body is definitely an outer layer that needs as much care as the inner shell.

We must all resits to conform to the norm that when we reach a certain age, there is a need to turn away from all of the things that make us feel good. I don’t know what that may be for you, but tap into it on a daily basis. Make yourself feel joy, allow yourself to feel amazing. What does that look like for you?

There is absolutely no age limit in which you can or cannot lose weight. This is an excuse brought on by people not willing to do the work involved in order to get results. Sure, weight loss is harder for some more than others. The bottom like is, that it’s as hard or as easy as you make of it. Looking after yourself, eating nourishing food and exercising properly isn’t hard. It’s a lifestyle that brings on an abundance of health, longevity and an active life. Be active, take that dance class, go and learn a new form of exercise. Do whatever is right for you, and what makes you feel joy.

Remember that, only you can choose to believe these bias theories about age and weight loss. What you believe shapes your world around you. Change your belief and watch the world around you change.

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