How One Hormone Impacts A Woman’s Ability to Lose Weight

How one hormone impacts woman's ability to lose weight

Find out how to combat those hormone weight loss woes

I don’t have to tell you that women are much more efficient at storing fat than men. If you are a woman and don’t experience this symptom — you are one of the lucky ones! Despite how much we eat, those fat stores sometimes keep accumulating. One hormone and good intentions are the main culprits of this genetic disposition in women. Estrogen is responsible for fat storage due to women’s childbearing years. Women have, on average, 6–11 per cent more body fat than men. Studies indicate that estrogen reduces a woman’s ability to burn energy after eating, resulting in more fat stored in the body. Childbearing is likely to be the primary reason for this. Efficient fat storage during puberty and early pregnancy results from estrogen increases and can be seen as the body preparing for fertility, foetal development and lactation. These findings may have implications on dietary advice for women during pregnancy and the compilation of exercise programs. These results appear in the Obesity Review.Associate professor O’Sullivan, from UNSW’s St George Clinical School, states: “From an energy balance perspective, there is no reason to explain why women should be fatter than men, mainly since men consume more calories proportionately. Women burn off more fat than men during exercise, but they don’t seem to lose body fat with exercise as much. These findings suggest that women are more efficient fat storers at other times.” The apparent reason why women store more fat is based on an evolutionary benefit.However, additional research is needed to provide more insights into estrogen’s role in body fat regulation. 

Key Takeaways

It’s logical that women of childbearing age store more fat due to our evolutionary disposition and the need to store enough energy for fertility, foetal development and lactation. Well then, you might be asking if we are destined to be ultimate fat storers for life? Well, not precisely in that context, but we know that women burn more fat during exercise than men — so a positive light is shining on activity. How do we use our knowledge of estrogen and play by our body’s natural ability to lose fat and stay lean? Here are a few basics that you must keep in mind to lead you towards a healthier weight and a shapely body. 

One: You are in control of what you eat

The one thing we hold in our favour is making choices, especially regarding nutrition. Women tend to make excuses regarding their nutrition. Perhaps hormones may overtake your weight loss goals during those peak times (like your period or pregnancy and even menopause), but the one thing you have control of is taking charge of your nutrition. Perhaps hormones may overtake your weight loss goals during those peak times (like your period or pregnancy and even menopause), but the one thing you have control of is taking charge of your nutrition.  Eating a healthy diet will bypass any hormonal weight fluctuations you might experience. But, of course, you have to stick with it -despite seeing minimal results. There may be an underlying factor to consider too. For instance, my bloating and water retention was due to fibroids. 

Two: Exercise is critical — but do lift weight

Weight training is vital for fat loss and maintenance because we build muscle mass and use our fat-burning hormones. You will naturally trigger the necessary hormone reactions to burn body fat, trim down and create a shapely body. Cardio has its benefits, but weight training will provide you with the necessary means (through building muscle) to stay lean for life. The question is, though, how much of your dedicated time will you spend on training? 3-to 4 days per week is sufficient in this case, but you need to make the best use of your time in the gym. That’s an excellent way of saying — no talking, just lifting. ???????????? 

Three: Don’t stress out about fluctuations

It’s completely normal to retain water some days more than others. But, as women, our hormones change like the tide, and we can’t always predict them using a crystal ball. It’s essential to allow yourself the time and space to move past them; yes, your energy might be on the lower end of the scale. So please take it as nature intends by resting more, sleeping and perhaps indulging in some relaxation techniques. Watch your nutrition, and eat the best quality foods, so your energy levels won’t fluctuate as much. As the year’s pass, your body will change, and there may be moments of body composition disappointment. This is only natural, and we all wish to have the body of a 20-year-old! In saying that, the simplest way to work towards a physique that makes you proud is by eating well and exercising. There are no shakes or hormonal treatments that can do this for you. Only you can help with awareness and dedication — as a lifestyle habit. 

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