Do women generally care more than men about how skinny they look?

They most certainly do. The difference is in the goals of each sex. Women tend to want to attain an unrealistic skinny physiques, whereas men want to attain muscle mass, or as much muscle as possible. You can tell the difference when you head into a gym. Most women are on the cardio machines, slaving away, whist the guys are dutifully lifting in the weights area.

The problem with this “skinny attainment” is that it’s not always the healthiest option available. Those that tend to restrict calories over long duration’s can really diminish their metabolisms efficiency. I for one will not condone the goal of being skinny, but rather one that is lean and has muscle mass. That doesn’t mean looking like a body builder, but more so toned, fit and healthy.

Women should take a leaf out of men’s training regime. Their outlook is to become sculpted and muscular. This goal would be well suited to all women. Rather than the attainment of an unrealistic and unhealthy goal (which in the end, is really unsustainable and a pain in the backside to maintain) why not aim to be more athletic, strong and lean.

Muscles always look a lot better than fat, and when you are so called “skinny fat” you lack any kind of tone and shape, leaving you susceptible to cellulite and dimpled skin. The conditioning that weight training provides iron’s out all of this, by allowing you to tap into your body’s fat reserves whilst building muscle, therefor transforming your whole body shape. The results are amazing!

Another advantage of gaining muscle mass is that it increases your lifespan, strengthens your bones and leaves you less likely to develop any diseases as you age.

Let me sort out the biggest concern for women..

I get this all the time, and it’s a HUGE misconception for us women to overcome. The truth is that most women believe that if they lift heavy they will get bigger. Let me dispel this stupid myth for you once and for all.

Let’s look at a situation that is extremely common in men (who as you know, find it easier to put on muscle mass due to the magic of testosterone). Most men who train 5–6 days per week with a caloric surplus, struggle to put on much muscle mass. If they do, we are talking 5–10 pounds over the course of 6–12 months (if we are being realistic). Then, if this is a huge obstacle for men, with the correct hormonal environment and diet, how can a woman without these factors even contemplate getting bigger? The answer is, due to mis information! So please, be gone with the worry about getting bigger, and go forth lifting heavy!

My urge for all women is to get into the weights area and lift them! Yes, you will increase your muscle mass slightly, but you will look and feel so much better down the track. You must train your muscles hard and heavy, to transform your body shape and burn those stubborn fat stores. It takes skill, time and effort, but it is worth it and a lot more realistic and healthier than being skinny or skinny fat.

That is my rant ladies. I wish you all a great start to 2020, and hope that you do choose to see the magic that weight training holds for you, your health and your body. If you would like to keep in touch during your journey, please do contact me on these various platforms if you need further assistance. I have plenty of other material on my blog or join me on facebook and instagram account. Please feel free to upvote this answer.

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