Are BCAA pills every morning a good way to prevent muscle loss?

I have been taking BCAA before every workout for years. If I could recommend one supplement, this one would definitely be the one. It’s a key essential amino acid that our bodies need.

When it comes to amino acids, there are 20 different amino’s that make up thousands of different proteins within the body. Nine out of 20 are considered essential amino acids, meaning they cannot be made by the body and have to be obtained by the food we eat. BCAA contains leucine, isoleucine and valine, which make up part of those nine our bodies cannot make.

BCAA is a chemical structure, found in protein rich food like eggs, meat and dairy products. Usually, these are found in many protein shakes and sold in a powder form (some of them do contain BCAA)

Here are some brilliant benefits of BCAA and I do hope you try them out and discover the results for yourself.

5 awesome reasons to take BCAA when you train.

  1. Decreases the rate of muscle soreness.
    As you know, you can feel very sore one to two days after your training session, which does make it quite frustrating when you want to train regularly. This is just the result of DOMS, which are tears within the muscles after exercise. BCAA have been shown to decrease this damage, reducing the length and severity of DOMS. It also has the benefits of decreasing fatigue within your workout. It’s best to take BCAA before and after your workout for the best results.
  2. It helps increase muscle mass.
    Now, this is the kicker when it comes to BCAA. It not only promotes muscle growth but stimulates muscle protein synthesis. In order to get the most out of your workout, and increase muscular growth, it’s best to consume a protein powder (such as whey) that contains BCAA within it. This is the best option as whey powder contains all the essential amino acids needed to build muscle.
  3. Prevents breakdown of muscle.
    Muscle wastage is a problem for many, especially when on restricted diet. We always need to balance the amount of protein that’s being broken down and rebuilt. The key is to consume the right amount of protein, so that your body always has an ample amount and is never in in the negative range, which is when muscle wastage occurs. It’s important that BCAA and other essential amino acids are replaced during times of muscle wasting to halt or slow the progression. If you are over 50, then you will need more protein in your diet.
  4. Reduction in fatigue.
    As well as decreasing soreness, BCAA also have the added benefit of boosting your exercise performance. How quickly you fatigue when exercising depends on the intensity, duration, your nutrition and the environment you are exercising in. In a couple of studies, BCAA were shown to improve mental focus during exercise, which has been through to result in the fatigue reducing effect of BCAA’s (1) (2)
  5. Foods high in BCAA
    There are several sources of protein you can use to greatly enhance muscle protein synthesis, so as to not rely heavily on supplementation. If you do consume enough protein within your diet, will be more than enough to handle the breakdown and rebuilding of protein. Choose the highest sources to ensure you get the most out of your foods:-
    – Beef 6.8g every 100g
    – Salmon 4.9g per 100g
    – Chicken breast 5.88g per 100g
    – Eggs 3.28g every 2 eggs
    – whey protein 5.5g every scoop
    – Soy protein 5.5g every scoop

I do hope this has helped you discover the amazing benefits of BCAA. A lot of this information is researched based from a couple of articles, and it provides a nice representation for those of us who seek to build muscle mass and maintain it.


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