Your Inability to Lose Excess Fat May not be Your Fault – and Here’s Why

Woman holding the rolls on her belly

Fat can diminish in plasticity, inhibiting any loss to take place

Obesity causes many diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes.
Fat in itself is a storehouse of energy, and it’s essential for our vital bodily functions, like immunity, regulating insulin sensitivity, and maintaining our body temperature.
A review published in the Journal Cell on February 3rd had researchers arguing the adverse effects brought on by obesity aren’t only a result of excessive fat stores.
Problems lie within the fat’s ability to respond to change.
In its simple form, fat has lost its plasticity.
The tissue changes as we age and respond to weight fluctuations over our lifetime.
Fat plasticity seems to decline due to ageing and obesity.
As a result, it somehow loses its ability to respond to bodily cues.
In a current model of this scenario, the rapid growth of body fat outpaces its blood supply, depriving fat cells of oxygen.
This causes cells that are no longer able to divide. Unfortunately, this results in inflammation and insulin resistance, and an uncontrollable spill of lipids from these cells.
Could this be why a person suffering from obesity can’t seem to lose body fat — no matter how much they diet or exercise?
Unfortunately, this seems to be the case in response to this report.
Many questions and opportunities for discoveries require further investigation.
Studies could arm us with new insights that could help improve therapies for this disease and start to coax our fat cells into plasticity again.
Here is a small summary
Stay tuned for any more findings on this matter because It will lead to many breakthroughs in the fight against obesity and fat loss.

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