Will I gain weight after stopping calorie restriction

Caloric restriction long term has a negative effect on our metabolism. That means, your resting metabolic rate can get so low, that anything you eat thereafter will trigger weight gain. Any kind of dieting that reduces calories for a long period of time, can trigger the body int believing it’s in starvation mode.

Levels of leptin (the appetite regulating hormone) decrease, causing you to feel hungrier and increasing your cravings. Caloric restriction also breaks down muscle to be used as energy. Muscle loss causes further slowdown of your metabolism. It’s like chasing your tail and never getting close to grabbing it.

When you begin to increase your calories again, you may find that your body does put on some weight – but this is normal and happens to everyone.

One good strategy is to allow yourself to increase calories very slowly, and strategically over the long term. Eventually this problem will sort itself out. The trick is, to eat well, eat mindfully and allow it to run its course.

One tip that I’d love to share with you, is that Intermittent fasting will most definitely help you regain control over your body. This is a form of caloric restriction but is ceasing to eat for a duration of time, and then eating normally again, until the fasting begins.

You can fast every day, every second day, or do longer stretches of fasting a couple of times a week, and then eat normally. The method you use will be determined by your goals and how long you have to achieve them.

It takes a good 3-6 months to see results, as your body begins to become more insulin sensitive, and the metabolism begins firing up again. I had many issues with caloric restriction for years and found myself getting more and more bloated and not being able to lose the weight I wanted. Fasting sorted this out for me – and continues to do so to this day.

The think Like most about fasting, is that I can eat more, and enjoy my food guilt free, because I know, that the fasting period will balance everything out. It’s one of the best ways to attain the shape you want with minimal fuss.

I encourage you to try this and speak to your doctor if you have any health issues that may need some discussion.

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