Which is the fastest and safest way of losing weight?

Weight loss for anyone, is not a task that shows results overnight. It takes many weeks – even months of hard work with your food choices as well as your exercise options. There is no hard and fast rule here – but that’s not to stay there aren’t some great strategies available to you (and anyone else seeking them) in order to pursue the fastest path possible. I’m with you on that one. I don’t like waiting around, and if there is even a small thing or two, that I can do better – or add, why not? Read on to find out more…

6 of the best weight loss solutions that will fire-charge your results.

  1. Get rid of all refined sugar products, including snacks (and even things you thought were not filled with refined sugar). It’s time to go cold turkey immediately!
    Everything and anything that contains added sugar needs to be eliminated straight away. This adds up to a lot of extra calories (and empty, pointless ones for that matter) which do not serve your body in any way, nor will it help your weight loss efforts. Read all labels, and make sure you are very aware of the sugar content, and what the actual sugar is. We can get away with things containing stevia, as it’s a plant extract – but white refined sugars are banned for now. This will literally change your results – and it’s most likely the one thing holding a lot of people back from weight loss and eliminating disease. You don’t need it and it’s not serving you – so delete.
  2. Reduce your carbohydrate intake and opt for lots of veggies instead.
    For about 2 weeks straight, eliminate all carbohydrate sources and use veggies instead. The results will be shedding of excess water and reducing muscle glycogen stores. The two-week period will give your body enough time to shed fat and water weight and allow your body to begin burning fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates.
    At the end of the 2 week period, start introducing only complex carbohydrates. This should become your cycle period of carb infusion, and carb exclusion. That means, spending 3 days on low carb, and one day on high carb. Keep this up, regularly to allow fat burning to take place. This is the carb cycling strategy and works very well.
  3. Your meals should consist of protein, vegetables and fats for every meal.
    No more cereals, breads and sandwiches – we need to opt for the good stuff here. You should have a source of protein, 2–3 cups of low carb veggies and some fats (either avocado or olive oil). These meals will abolish your hunger, and keep your energy flowing for longer stretches of time. That means, you are drastically reducing your calorie intake – but without the negative effects of hunger.
  4. Complete protein consumption is key – high quality is the way to go.
    Complete protein sources means eggs, fish and any meats that contain a huge amount of amino acids. The more amino acids your foods contain, the more likely you are to reduce your body fat. Protein also preserves your muscles when you are trying to lose weight – and we all should know how important muscle mass is. Aim for about 1.3–1.6g protein per KG. This amount of protein is saved only for those highly active individuals.
  5. Fats are just as important here too – eat them with every meal.
    Increasing your fat intake while decreasing carbs, will allow your body to become more metabolically flexible. That means, it burns more fat for energy. When on a lower carb diet, fats are more essential than ever for your weight loss goals to become a reality. Be sure to consume salmon, olive oil in your salad and nuts as a snack regularly.
  6. You need to be eating enough food.
    You may notice the lack of energy when you aren’t eating enough foods. This is made even more obvious when lowering your carb intake. Don’t get sucked into the notion that eating more calories will stop your fat loss results. What you want is a long-term strategy, that allows for you to have energy, live life to the fullest and sustaining that fat loss. Adding fat as a form of energy will increase your body temperature, which counters the decrease in thyroid function. Low thyroid function is sometimes due to lack of glucose or calories – therefore it’s important to keep a watchful eye on this and change accordingly.

Hopefully these simple lifestyle changes can provide you with some extra benefits along your weight loss journey. Do make sure you allow enough time to achieve your goals, so they can be sustainable and manageable. If you appreciate this, why not stick with my ranting via my website or join me on fb and insta social. Please feel free to upvote this answer if it has been useful in some way to you.

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