What should I avoid when losing weight?

This is quite a good reversal technique for anyone who may be on the path towards weight loss, but not experiencing any of the results so far. I feel your pain, as I’ve been there too – I’m sure many others have as well. This question resonates quite well with me throughout my entire life.

You see, weight loss is not an easy thing to work out, and there is no magic formula that can work for all individuals equally. There are a lot of twists and turns in the journey, as well as frustrations and wins. You have to take the good with the bad and still carry on doing your thing.

Let’s get into this a lot more deeply and effectively, and I’ll use my own real-life experiences, as things can sometimes be textbook based, but it’s always good to get a realistic perspective all around.

6 things you should not do when trying to lose weight.

  1. You should not rely on cardio for all your weight loss results
    Most people get so caught up in the amount of cardio they do. This can explain why half of gym members give up after a while. They cannot see the results at all, despite the endless sweat and calories burnt. Yes, I will admit that cardio is good, but for the ultimate cardio geared towards fat loss, then HIIT is the way to go. It’s short, sweet and effective. This is what works, not long duration bouts on any kind of moving machinery. Gone are the days of aerobics. Now we all want efficiency, ease and laser sharp focus on our goals. Don’t waste your time on one thing, rather, get to the goal you want and work your way towards it with different mediums, such as HIIT, weight training, some yoga perhaps, or even walking. It doesn’t have to be hard or take hours. Work smarter not harder.
  2. You should not dismiss the efficacy of altering your diet.
    Diet is the key to weight loss – period. It’s key to building muscle as well. I say this over and over again, and I’m going to say it one more time just in case – you cannot out train a bad diet. So many people still do this, and it’s just a huge waste of time. The thing is, you don’t have to keep away from treats at all – this is not the way life should be. Enjoying a piece of cake, and some dessert with friends and family is essential to say the least. What I’m getting at here is that most of the time, it’s a requirement to eat as healthy as possible. Lean protein, green vegetables, filtered water, fats and minimal complex carbs. When we decide to indulge once or twice a week, it’s not going to harm our progress at all. What will harm it is constant indulgence and eating a whole cake in one sitting. Love and enjoy foods, and even the treats – but love them in moderation, because they are not nourishing for you, only for your instant craving. Savour the treat and move onto healthy eating again.
  3. You should not snack mindlessly – it still counts as extra calories.
    I’m so guilty of this one! The only strategy that helped me overcome the mindless snacking, is when I started to adapt the Intermittent fasting method. I stopped eating without feeling hungry and allowing myself to actually feel the hunger. It’s so frustrating trying to stop a bad habit, and I find that just going cold turkey is the best way moving forward. You must be aware that snacking is a killer when it comes to fat loss progression. The best way to combat this to make sure you are eating enough protein. If you are very active, then increasing your amount is the best way moving forward. Don’t deny your body the proper nutrition it needs to function optimally on a daily basis.
  4. You should not expect instant results
    Weight loss takes time, no matter how much you have to lose. The body needs time to catch up with the caloric restriction, and for the results to show up on your physique. So many people are concerned with everything happening instantly, without realising that lots of effort has to go into losing weight. We have to change our eating, exercise, sleeping and general lifestyle to get some form of a result. Of course, it could go either way – some people are extremely dedicated, whilst others are only doing this for instant gratification. I really want to be honest here, and let you know that weight loss is not instant, and it’s a lifestyle habit. You can’t diet for 3 months, and then expect to eat normally again. That’s not how it works. We make the necessary changes for life – because it enhances our inner and outer world. If this is not something you want to realise for what it is, then perhaps don’t go down that pathway.
  5. You should not restrict your calories too much
    Too many people think a calorie is just a calorie, and the less calories they consume, the faster the weight will come off. This is far from the truth! When we restrict our calories too much for long periods of time, our bodies adapt, and think we are experiencing starvation. Therefore, it stops the bodies regular functioning, in favour of the important, everyday mechanisms to keep us alive. That’s when you experience fat accumulation, and a sluggish metabolism. This can go on for many years at a time. Meal calorie restriction is not going to work for anyone long term, meanwhile fasting is on another level. When we fast, we stop eating for a period of time – which enhances our metabolism. Why? Because our insulin levels plummet, forcing our bodies to burn fat as fuel. This is the best long term, fat loss solution as it enhances our metabolisms potential. There is a lot more to it than this, but I will direct you to my blog for more details on the miracle of fasting.
  6. You should not over exercise – it doesn’t work.
    I was a culprit of this one too! Two-hour sessions were the norm – and do you think they worked for me? Well, no, but I managed to exhaust myself for days on end and get colds and flu frequently. Don’t do it to yourself guys. I did this mainly because my diet was crap, and I didn’t want to get fat as a result. Instead, I was flabby without tone – and just skinny fat. It’s very unpleasant, and not sustainable or healthy long term. So, structure your workouts to be no more than one hour in duration – and that’s it. Work effectively, not until you collapse.

I hope this has been helpful to you and got somewhat of a laugh out of it. If you appreciate these words, why not stick with my ranting via my website or join me on fb and insta social. Please feel free to upvote this answer if it has been useful in some way to you.

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