What are some tips for weight loss?

Weight loss is a lifestyle, not a 3 month experiment

The best way to lose weight and keep it off over the long term is to develop great habits that you can stick to throughout your entire life. Managing weight loss and maintenance is not something that can happen instantly, or over a 4 month period, only to go back to regular eating. This wont bring you an optimal result. Habits are formed initially, with conscious awareness, until they become ingrained in your psyche, and part of your everyday life. This way, you will make the decision to eat well, without thinking about it. When you have this nailed, it will all become effortless.

Let’s get back to basics with some fool proof methods.

5 secret fat loss tips that work for a lifetime

Number 1. Lifting weights regularly without restricting calories. You did hear right, do not restrict calories! What this means is that you train with weights, about 3–4 times per week. During this time, you adopt a very conscious diet of proteins, veggies and fat sources to fuel your muscle growth and the energy needed to recover and repair. Protein sources should be seafood, eggs, lean meats and chicken.
Don’t forget that building muscle enhances your metabolism scope. That means, you burn more calories when at rest. This is what you want to aim for, because it will allow you to consume more, without putting any weight on.

Number 2. No more dieting, this is a lifestyle choice. Weight loss and maintenance is a lifestyle choice, not a diet for 4 weeks. This is something you will have to be aware of, and happy to put the time, energy and focus into. Dieting refers to only a certain point in time, and when the goal is achieved, we can go back to our old ways. This just isn’t the case. If you choose that path, you will always divert back to your old weight, and even put on more! Be cool with eating well and exercising for life.

Number 3. Get as much quality food variety, not quantity. Your daily goal should be to consume whole foods; veggies, proteins and fats with every meal. This means quality meats, fresh and seasonal veggies, eggs, coconut and olive oil, sweet potatoes and oats. Sticking with this plan will be the best option for anyone wanting to lead a healthy life, as well as lose weight and maintain it long term. Make the conscious effort to pick the right foods and what’s in season.

Number 4. No more stress eating. Inhaling a burger, with fries and a dessert, is a sure fire way fatten up when the stress levels rise. This will undoubtedly have a negative effect on what you have created for yourself so far. The trick is to have conscious awareness of the behaviour, then stop and think about what you tell yourself, and what triggered this. Go for a small jog, go to the gym instead of the sitting by the kitchen, waiting by the fridge. Handle stress and emotional eating in a different way by getting away from the food and channeling your frustration towards exercise. It’s a win win all around.

Number 5. Consistently eating well. Body composition is a result of what you have created long term. Eating the right foods consistently, and exercising will ensure you achieve this. A change of diet for 3 days only, will not produce results. The hard work in the gym needs to be consistent. Portion your meals out accordingly with the correct macros. If you want to eat carbs regularly, then take on a carb cycling habit. This is great for eliminating cravings, and will leave you feeling energised. Research and find ways to make adjustments that fit well within your lifestyle. If you need some help, hire a coach.

These 5 things are very simple and effective for long term results. There is no quick fix with weight loss and maintenance. Consistent effort over time works forever.

I do hope these tips help you somewhat along your journey. I’m happy to discuss this in more detail if you would like to ask me a personal question. Please refer below for some communication sources.

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