Use This One Simple Ingredient to Kick Start Weight Loss Now

Apple Cider in a cup

Does it work, and should you do it?

A few years ago, everyone was talking about the weight loss potential of Apple cider. But do we know if using the stuff works? Some research suggests that apple cider vinegar and a restricted caloric diet can help reduce weight. But is it the caloric reduction or the apple cider vinegar that triggers weight loss? Unfortunately, the studies I refer to now have tiny sample sizes, and scientists still need more research. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use Apple Cider Vinegar. There are some health benefits which you could take advantage of. Let’s look at some of those. 

The old folk remedy

Centuries back, people used apple cider vinegar to lower insulin response. Now, we’re more likely to use it as a drink, in our foods and perhaps as a health aid. The most beneficial apple cider to purchase is called “the mother” because it contains bacteria and yeast. However, some claim it is more pro-biotic valuable for our gut health. 

For weight loss

As I mentioned above, Apple cider vinegar is a weight loss aid combined with a calorie-reduced diet. A study in 2018 conducted with 39 people analysed this combined impact over 12 weeks. One group took apple cider vinegar during a caloric-reduced diet, and the other focused only on caloric reduction. 

The research found that the participants followed a low-calorie diet and combined it with apple cider vinegar.

  • Improved their overall triglyceride levels and cholesterol
  • Lowered their BMI
  • Lost more weight than with dieting alone

This small research project suggests apple cider vinegar can support weight loss approaches. So, what is it in Apple Cider vinegar that benefits our weight loss goals? A study in the Journal of Diabetes research mentions acetic acid — a compound in apple cider vinegar that helps slow down the rate of food leaving the stomach in healthy individuals and those with type one diabetes. Therefore, it might help by causing you to feel full after eating. This alone can stop snacking or overeating. But, one important note here is that apple cider alone does not change your weight dramatically. In saying that, small things over a long duration have a lasting effect (if you keep doing them consistently).  Therefore, adding apple cider vinegar to your food (possibly as a salad dressing or tonic) may assist you with weight loss and maintenance over time. Apple cider has some other benefits too. It can help control blood sugar levels & kill harmful bacteria. 

Should you use apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar shouldn’t be used to replace any medical treatments you might have, so always consult your medical professional before doing anything drastic. Proceed with caution if you suffer from kidney disease, diabetes or acid reflux. It can wear away tooth enamel if you drink it as a tonic without diluting it in water. So, do keep that in mind. But, what’s beneficial here is the power to squash hunger — so do use it as a tonic when fasting. It would probably be tough to overindulge in Apple cider vinegar due to its acidic flavour; therefore, I can’t see anyone overusing it. But, it does benefit those who want to push their weight loss results a bit further along. 

Key takeaways

There is no harm in trying apple cider vinegar regularly and using it in salads or as a tonic in between meals. There are also many drinks available on the market which you can try. I love using it in my salads and have purchased a cold remedy tonic that works well to drink in its diluted form. I’m keen to know of anyone else that’s used apple cider as a weight-loss tool or tonic. Let me know in the comments below. 

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