Ten of The Best Weight Loss Tips That Work & You Can do

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I love sharing my weight loss tips acquired over many failed attempts

Consistent effort over time leads to weight loss. Fat loss is my favourite topic, and it has confused many people over the years. I’m always fascinated by how many people are after resolutions or tips to help them. Let me say that the learning part of the equation is just the start of it all. The results will come when you stay focused and committed to doing the work needed and staying on course despite your environment. The rest will become straightforward when you have this engraved in your psyche. I will keep preaching about how excellent weight training is for eliminating body fat, re-shaping muscles and keeping you healthy and younger looking for a long time! Try not to ignore that one, as it’s essential for men — especially women. 

One: Make sure you push yourself at the gym

Pushing the best out of yourself is key to losing body fat and creating a body shape. Knowing what to do, executing it properly, and maintaining a high intensity will get you the results. There are too many people in the gym just floating around. Set your intention every time you train, have a program ready, know what machines and weights to use, and kill it.

Two: Compound lifts are the best strategy for weight loss and body re-shaping

Include deadlifts when it’s leg day, bench presses when it’s time for the upper body, and chin-ups. These are challenging exercises, but for a reason! They produce the best overall hormonal response necessary for fat burning, strength building and increasing muscle mass. Why not pick exercises that give you the most results without doing too many other variations?

Three: Be as active as you can during the day, even though you have exercised already

Being extremely busy should be an essential part of your day. It would help if you remembered that sitting down too often decreases our life span. Prevent this by getting up off your chair regularly, going for a walk whenever you can, taking the stairs instead of the lift, sitting up, or using your legs to go and speak to your workmates instead of resorting to email or skype or teams.

Four: No more added sugar

Sugar is just a nutritionally empty bunch of calories. Besides causing health problems and mucking up your insulin, it does nothing. The best form of prevention is to eliminate it for good and move forward. You will be glad you did.

Five: Eat high-quality proteins with every meal

That includes wild-caught seafood, organic pastured meats and organic eggs. These contain the most significant nutrient and protein content per calorie. Pick organic as much as you can, as its nutrient levels are the highest.

Six: Eat as many veggies as you can

Vegetables are the best source of vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, they contain a lot of fibre, causing you to feel full — keeping hunger away. Couple them with protein, and you have a double powerhouse effect. Embrace the power of plants for your longevity and health.

Seven: Keep up your water intake

Drink at least 3 litres of water per day, perhaps more if you exercise and sweat a lot. Staying hydrated helps you to perform better in the gym, as well as detoxify the body.

Eight: Work on your pre-biotics before your pro-biotics

If you haven’t got any good bacteria in your gut, then swallowing pro-biotics isn’t help you in your quest for optimal gut health. Instead, perform a gut cleanse properly, making sure you stick to the diet. When it’s over, keep maintaining your foods but start introducing probiotics. 

Ultimate gut health is slow but rewarding when achieving fat-burning results!

Nine: Drink a black coffee before training

Taking caffeine before training powers up our workouts and helps us burn calories. Have your coffee without milk, and perhaps add some coconut butter to the mix for extra energy! 

Ten: Reduce stress whenever possible

Stress kills your energy and leaves you completely exhausted. It also throws hormones out of whack, messes with your sleep, and triggers sugar cravings. Try some gentle relaxation walks, meditation or yoga. I’ve yet to master this tip as best as I can!

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