STOP Ladies: How NOT To Lose Weight — The five Things I Hope You Aren’t Doing

We tend to think that weight loss is about one thing, but in fact, it’s the result of many factors. Understanding what they are and using this knowledge will guarantee a successful outcome favourable to your goal attainment.

I was not aware of these factors myself, which made my weight loss journey quite frustrating and unsuccessful.

It took me seven years to work out the necessary hormonal changes needed to achieve my goal. Perhaps these will change your previous pre-conceptions on weight loss forever.

“It has to be hard, so you’ll never forget.” — Bob Harper 

One: Believing everything online (in terms of diet and food) that’s written in the media).

I think this is a massive downfall for most of us (me included in this one).Lots of people seem to have an opinion on the best diet, foods and exercise. Most people are influenced from a business point of view through sponsorships and endorsements.

I would encourage you to scrutinize the information you uncover through search engines and try to head in the direction of common sense more.

We all know that diet’s don’t work long term, and going on one is usually restrictive and counterproductive to weight loss. Most of us end up putting on the weight back again.

The best action plan is eating whole foods and adopting this as an everyday lifestyle rather than a phase.

You will get beautiful results without too much hassle by eliminating processed foods favouring natural, wholesome and nourishing alternatives. I don’t think I need to tell you this — we all know, it’s just that convenience seems to win the battle for most people (not to mention cravings as well). 

“Weight loss doesn’t begin in the gym with a dumbbell; it starts in your head with a decision.” — Toni Sorenson

Two: Training with weights makes you look manly or big.

There is absolutely no reason why a woman should dismiss weight training just because she believes her body will end up resembling a man.

Us women don’t have enough testosterone circulating to make this a reality!

Resistant training is for both the young and old, men and women.

Please take advantage of its incredible benefits: decreasing body fat, increasing muscle mass, boosting your metabolism, and building strength slowly and steadily.


In addition, regularly addition physical activity will help you control your blood sugar and decrease your chances of developing serious illnesses.It could be a simple as incorporating a weight training session 2–3 times per week or taking part in a weight training class (like body pump). You will love the tone and tightness that weight training does to your body shape. “If you have discipline, drive, and determination … nothing is impossible.” — Dana Linn Bailey 

Three: Eating anything processed & riddled with sugar regularly.

These foods tend to be low on the nutritional value scale — and therefore, leave you even more hungry than when you first ate them.

If you swap these snacks with protein and fats instead, you will increase your energy and keep a steady flow of blood sugar throughout the day.

Imagine how productive and happy you will be without those endless sugar crashes daily.

Try eating a protein source and fats for breakfast (if you eat breakfast, that is) and notice the difference it makes throughout the whole day. Try eggs, avocado and some sweet potato, perhaps. Maybe a piece of smoked salmon with eggs?

There are so many endless combinations to help you beat breakfast boredom and also increase your productivity (and fat-burning capabilities, too!). 

“Most people give up right before the big break comes — don’t let that person be you.” — Michael Boyle 

Four: Not looking after your gut health.

It’s essential to have a healthy digestive enzyme breakdown to help support your digestion, which leads to fat loss.

Effectively Digesting food will improve your absorption of nutrients and help you get the most out of your healthy food plan.

We should aim to eliminate any deficiencies that can cause poor health and halt our weight loss attempts.

Think twice about using antacids, as this is more than likely the result of a poor diet. As a sufferer of acid reflux, I can tell you that eliminating these antacids and focusing on the foods you eat — will make a world of difference.

I have not taken any antacids for about 15 years — and will never do so. They cause a vast number of health issues.

If in doubt, consult your doctor — but do a little research yourself and see if this could be diet-related. It’s worth trying. 

“Make time for it. Just get it done. Nobody ever got strong or got in shape by thinking about it. They did it.” — Jim Wendler

Five: Having a highly stressful lifestyle every day.

Wow, this is a big one because most of us lead this kind of lifestyle- and are very much used to the pressures of life that it has not to affect anymore.

Conditioning yourself is excellent, but eliminating those stress levels to a bare minimum — is our goal here.

Chronic cortisol means that no matter what exercise you do or how healthy you are eating, you’re unlikely to lose weight.

Imagine going to all that trouble with diet and weight loss, only to experience no success.

If you want to bypass this step, it’s essential to learn or eliminate stress from your life. It may mean taking on yoga classes, doing meditation or even pilates.

Whatever it is, it’s essential to stick with it regularly, and that will then help you implement the tools in place to eliminate stress.

We can’t control other peoples reactions. We only have complete control over our responses.Exercise your right to request or decline something that you feel is unreasonable or unacceptable.Many of us hide this out of fear — but anything decided amid fear usually becomes the wrong option. When you think about it in that context, it will help you understand your decision making motivation. You cannot single out one thing when it comes to weight loss results. To lose weight, we have to put our bodies in the best position possible to get the results we want.That means filling it with wholesome and healthy food, eliminating processed junk, and doing regular exercise, including walking and weight training.

Slowly, as you become consistent and do this every day, your physique will start responding by losing weight and gaining your health back. It’s a slow and steady process but worth every second of dedication and commitment to leading a better life — now and for as long as possible.

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