One Simple Method To Curb Hunger – And Help Reduce Weight

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You are better off doing this to combat weight gain over the long run

One of the biggest reasons obesity has become an epidemic in young and older individuals is the lack of nutritious foods and extreme inactivity.
Nutrient timing is another aspect of this.

One thing that may be increasing weight over time

Many people seem to eat less during the day and stuff their faces in later in the evening, possibly late at night.
Although we’ve often been told not to skip breakfast or save our first meal for lunch (which you can and should, if intermittently fasting), the whole point is to stop eating such big meals at night and go for gold earlier in the day.

The time of day you eat matters.

When you eat early in the day, your body can use those calories during your most active moments.
But at night, you may have guessed that those calories move inside fat cells, increasing the size of your belly, bum and thighs.
Researchers argue that eating more calories in the daytime shifts our metabolism in favour of weight loss.

What is nutrient timing?

Nutrient timing is, in fact, important for weight loss & it lowers your BMI due to these factors:
  • Maintaining an overnight fast for 18 hours
  • Make breakfast and lunch your biggest meal
  • Eat breakfast rather than skip it.
It’s said that those who consume most of their calories in the morning feel less hungry than when they consume those same calories in the evening.
It’s not some mechanical metabolism switch — it’s giving those who eat more in the daytime leverage for weight loss simply because they are far less hungry.
If you use this method in conjunction with exercise and eating the right sources of food, then you will burn more calories and, therefore — lose weight.
It’s important to use a combination of weight lifting and cardio, and this is because muscle burns more calories over the long term than fat.
In addition, fat is just a tissue that causes inflammation – whereas muscle is a living, breathing tissue requiring calories to repair and grow.
In my own experience, I prefer to eat the bulk of my calories in the morning and then stop at lunchtime.
This is my intermittent fasting method, and it works well. However, eating in the evenings disrupts my sleep and causes indigestion.
Everyone has a different appetite — in the mornings or late at night. So it would help if you base your meals on the busiest times.
Therefore, the main objective of weight loss is to consume fewer calories and exercise.
Those who eat earlier in the day have a larger scope to burn those calories through movement and activity.

Try this method and see how it works for you.

Eat larger meals in the daytime, while dinner is light and small — even soup.
Try this method for a month and see if it works for weight loss. Keep active, and eat whole foods. You are bound to lose weight effortlessly.

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