One fat burning hack anyone can do, that you probably dismissed

This one, simple yet underused hack can help you achieve effective caloric burn daily.
Walking is probably one of the most relaxing yet rewarding activities you can do for your body composition as well as your state of mind.
Whenever I experience a creative block, feel overwhelmed or lost, I put on my sneakers (and usually my dog comes along), plug into a great audible book, and walk. Sometimes I walk for 45 minutes; sometimes, it’s hours. But every time I walk, I feel a sense of release, relaxation as well as serenity.
A few years ago, I became somewhat obsessed with using walking to burn body fat, stay lean and keep my mental health in check. However, most people are slightly surprised at how effective walking can be as a far burning mechanism.
How the fat-burning zone works
Getting your body into the fat-burning zone doesn’t mean that it’s reaching for stored fat to use as energy. Instead, this fat-burning zone refers to the type of fuel that your body would prefer to burn at a lower intensity range.
When you exercise at a higher intensity, more carbohydrates are used as a fuel preference, although some fat will burn in the process.
The process looks a little like this:
Low-speed effort means your body is taking in fat molecules, then turning them into fuel. It’s a very time consuming and oxygen requiring process.
Think of it as the fuel you are using by just standing, maybe doing other low-intensity activities such as cleaning your home or even being on your feet for work purposes.
On the other hand, if you wanted to partake in HIIT or some other form of vigorous activity, your body will need fuel at a much faster rate. This is because it takes less fat and pulls any carbs (glycogen) of can find. As a result, glycogen is a much quicker burner in times of intense need.
What does this look like in terms of belly fat?
If you want to tone your whole body and lose some of that accumulated belly fat, walking can most definitely help with that. One important thing to understand is that fat burning isn’t part of losing body fat – It is caloric burning that assists you to drop that body fat. Exercise is not the only strategy to drop calories – your nutrition should be the number one priority along the fat loss journey. Combine these two for ultimate results as well as maintenance of that fat loss.
Why walking is awesome
Think of it this way; walking is perfect because you don’t need any specific clothes or shoes to get started. You also bypass any cost of gym memberships, and you allow yourself to enjoy more of the outdoors.
You can invest in a treadmill if you prefer (I have one for weather purposes), and maybe that may help you get your exercise in during the early hours of the morning or perhaps later in the evening. When safety is a concern, a good quality treadmill will allow you to walk at any pace, safely and efficiently.
Key take away
As long as you move, you will always burn calories than sitting or lying down. Walking for exercise is the perfect way for older people and those who are young to maintain healthy physical fitness and burn calories. You can burn just as many calories in a walk as you would running – it just takes a lot longer. The faster your walking pace is, the more calories you will burn, and at a quicker rate. Perhaps if you feel the need to speed things up, combine light jogging with walking. Maybe use HIIT as an alternative option in between your walking pace. The choice is yours.
Over the years and throughout my fitness journey, I have built a bond strong bond with walking. Sunshine, fresh air and your favourite animal by your side make life a lot easier to deal with when things become rough. I encourage you to use walking for both your caloric burning goals and those for sound mental health.
Put on those sneakers and get outside for some much needed fresh air.

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