Nine Steps I Would Take To Lose Weight Fast & in a Sustainable Way

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These are the very best and most successful tips that helped me lose weight fast

Weight loss, fitness and health are my most passionate past-times. It’s grown and developed my knowledge over many years of research, success, and failure. Yes, I’ve failed a lot — that’s why I’m here to tell the story. But unfortunately, no one can find the perfect solution at all. What worked for me back in my 20s and 30s has given me the same success in my 40s. The problem with us women is — we change. The changes take place because of hormones. If we are fit and healthy and watch our caloric intake — you won’t notice as much. Unfortunately, no one is left on the bench with this one — it’s just a part of life we have to accept and embrace. All you have right now are the simple fundamentals that work. Try them out, be very patient and work extremely hard. Give it all you’ve got, and you will get there. Note: It can take several months of caloric reduction to experience weight loss. This is where patience is a must. Plus, sticking to the game plan and working hard is another fundamental trait of those who experience success. The body needs time to catch up to what’s happening inside. Some may respond quickly — but the unlucky ones, such as myself — need time. And here, we do have time because this is a lifestyle game plan, and we’re here until it works! 

Nine steps to fat loss that are easy and work wonders

Make my protein source as low calorie as possible

If I were still eating animal protein, I would always opt for the most standard caloric type. My staples would include white fish, eggs, chicken and turkey. I would often eat fish one day, eggs on the second day, and so on. Then, in the middle of the week, I’d throw in something high calorie — such as salmon or chicken with the skin. This helped me stop any weight loss plateaus. Limit red meat as it contains several calories per serving. Only add this source if you are experiencing some weight loss, but not daily. Make sure you aren’t overeating protein — because it can cause weight gain. Use the palm of your hand to gauge how much you need for your body size. It’s usually a lot less than you realise. 

I would make cruciferous veggies a significant part of my diet

Use these in your meals and make sure they are the prominent feature on your plate. That means “Pile it on your plate big time!” Choose from broccoli, cabbage, kale, asparagus, Brussels sprouts etc. Always use whatever is in the season because it’s guaranteed to be fresh and contain fewer chemicals. Try to pick organic and wash thoroughly to clear pesticide residue. 

I would eat several salads as a meal

I thoroughly enjoy salads, even in winter.After a while, your body craves salads because of the volume of vitamins and phytonutrients. Dress them with apple cider vinegar and very high quality, cold-pressed olive oil. Don’t be scared of oil. Women benefit from the fat in oil — and it aids in weight loss. 

Leave out the treat meals for now

Don’t have a cheat meal for about a month. Then, if you are losing weight, add a small treat in only once — and that’s it. Give your body time to experience that caloric deficit. 

I would eat fewer carbs.

Carbs are not necessarily bad, but when you want to lose some extra body fat, minimising them or carb cycling helps. When cycling, only eat nutritious sources of carbs, such as sweet potatoes and oat bran. These carbs are high in fibre and contain many benefits to your overall health. Leave the white potatoes, pasta and bread out of your diet. They are not necessary and cause an insulin spike, inhibiting fat loss. 

I would omit using sauces and only season my foods with fresh or dried herbs.

Sauces contain lots of sugar and added ingredients. The excessive calories with no real value to your body quickly add up over time. If you make tomato sauce, use real tomatoes with some natural stock. If you want to season your protein or veggies, use good quality salt and herbs. It’s a good idea to start enjoying the natural flavours of food and eliminate all processed sauces that can cause a negative insulin response. 

Keep things simple and easy.

Don’t go overboard with experimentation. Just eat the veggies and protein sources you like. There is no point in adding something that tastes awful for its low caloric value. For example, those hideous low carb transparent noodles! I would instead go without them. Make your meals enjoyable and tasty — in your unique way. Use fresh veggies, sauerkraut, and beautiful herbs like dill, mint, parsley, or even basil. Dress your salads with olive oil and beautiful vinegar, salts, and dried herbs. You can do many simple things to liven up a meal without spending lots of money on fake foods or wasting time. 

I would pre-prepare my meals daily.

When I get home from work, all meals are ready, marinated and placed in the oven to cook. I never waste time trying to decide what to eat, cutting up ingredients and then finishing up at 8 pm. We all have many better things to do with our time. Prepare the night before, so you are ready the following day. That’s why I suggested the need for simplicity. Pre-plan what you want to eat every week, prepare it the night before, and make sure it’s easy for you to cook or eat. 

Last of all, I would strength train

I always mention this, as it’s vital. Nothing re-shapes your body and boosts your metabolism like weight training. It will change your health and your life for the better. Endless cardio leaves you depleted. Weights leave you stronger and energised and boost your metabolism long term. 

Bonus tip

If I find that nothing is changing, I would add in some HIIT sessions. Start small — once or twice a week, then give it a month. See how it helps; watch your body fat. Do you feel leaner? Are your clothes looser? Are your muscles a lot more defined? Look for the signs to see if your strategy is working. 

I hope you find these tips valuable. Don’t forget that this is a lifestyle plan; it takes time and effort over the long term. But it’s worth every second!

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