Making 4 Small Changes in Your Diet Provides the Best Long Term Weight Loss

Making 4 Small Changes in Your Diet Provides the Best Long Term Weight Loss

Consider these straightforward and sustainable changes for weight loss and better health.

We mistakenly think that drastic measures lead to the best long-term success.

As much as I love to write about Intermittent fasting — because it has worked for me, many people do not want to take this road towards weight loss and better health. I do understand the hesitation involved. It’s unnecessary to go without food for hours or days; neither is going to the gym pumping loads of iron and staying on the treadmill for hours. Exercise in small doses and bursts provides excellent benefits.

So does making small changes in your diet. If you aren’t happy with your eating or have let those few KG creep up on you, try these alterations to boost fat burning and move towards better health — without too much effort.

Step one: Make sure you eat enough fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables

An apple a day is not enough. Every single meal we eat must contain an abundance of vegetables.

High consumption of vegetables is one area where people lack bulking up their plates. The more variety you eat, the better your gut health and chances for weight loss.

Try having some small portions of banana in the morning with your oats, or go for a smoothie bowl with healthy granola (not the one filled with sugar and dried fruit!). Increase the number of veggies you put on your plate, ensuring enough green additions. Try broccoli, asparagus, kale and spinach (to name a few). Aim for about five servings a day, and you can quickly get that if you have a smoothie bowl for breakfast and include some greens. I promise you won’t taste it at all!

Two: Increase your fluid intake

Keeping your fluid intake high is very important. Lack of water is the most significant contributor to headaches, muscle soreness and lethargy. Unfortunately, most people assume it’s the food they need, which can cause an overload in caloric consumption when the body cries out for more water.

Carry a large bottle around so you know how much water you drink. I like to take my bottle everywhere, as it keeps me accountable. However, I know I must refill my bottle twice (at least) per day to hydrate myself enough. Try not to wait until you are super thirsty to drink. Instead, make it a habit to keep sipping on water during the day.

Step Three: Includes more vegan protein, like pulses and lentils

I’m a huge fan of beans and lentils to reduce meat consumption and add fibre and protein through plant-based sources.

You can soak lentils and beans if they create stomach and digestion upsets. Then, as you keep eating them over time, your digestion will become accustomed to the high fibre content. Why not add some lentils to your salads or make lentils your plant-based meat source instead of mince?

Step Four: Include whole-grains

The Westernised diet is filled with too many processed foods that you can easily grab off supermarket shelves. Westernised eating lacks the fibre necessary for better health and longevity. So, switch to whole grains instead of eating the traditional slice of white bread. Instead of the white variety, add some brown or coloured rice to your meals. Wholegrains take a lot longer to digest and, therefore, aid in keeping you full for more extended periods.

These small and simple changes might take a little while to get used to, but they will get easier once you develop some regular habits.

Naturally, when you start to feel better, lose weight and increase your energy levels, there will be no question about what foods you choose to eat (and how much water you drink daily).

Remember that a healthy lifestyle requires those little things to make the most significant differences over a long period.

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