Kim Kardashians Awful Fat Loss Strategy & Why You Shouldn’t Do it

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What women subject themselves to look good.

When I first read this story, the apple didn’t seem to fall too far from my tree. I have read many articles that dig through a pile of controversy regarding Kim’s diet — all this effort just to fit into Marylin Monroe’s dress. 

You can bet your bottom dollar that the women inflicting the criticism have undergone similar situations — all in the name of weight loss! It’s reported that Kim lost 16 lbs in three weeks.

What Kim had to do to fit in that dress

Her trainer Don-A-Matrix insisted that the diet was not unhealthy — it was just very restrictive for a short period. There is no evidence of the diet online, but many articles claim she eliminated all carbs and sugar from her diet, opting only for vegetables and protein.

Kim also wore a sauna suit twice daily, ran on the treadmill with her eating plan, and worked with a trainer — sometimes twice daily. Now, by no means is this ‘starving’ yourself, but it is strict — and not unlike what most bodybuilders go through to slim down for an event.

Whatever your weight loss goal is, there is a level of strict eating and exercise involved.

The lack of time you place to attain the goal also creates a more restrictive emphasis on your nutrition.

As a result, it can get quite stressful. Many people have slammed Kim because of the implications her dietary restrictions could cause younger fans. Kim’s Instagram feeds indicate a big pizza and doughnut binge after the event.

I had the same mindset as Kim

I can’t help but think back to my bodybuilding days when this was completely normal amongst the community — but abnormal to others. We would eat super clean, not only for three weeks — more like three months, workout four times a week (sometimes twice a day), and indulge in a cheat meal once a week if we were getting leaner.

Most women hide or are dishonest about the extremities they have pursued to lose or maintain their weight. We are scared of being judged or lectured on our unhealthy lifestyle choices. Because Kim is in the public eye, there is much more emphasis on her life.

The average person is given the gift of hiding it from her circle. Whilst I don’t condone rigorous dieting, I admit I did it myself for many years as a bodybuilder, and this was the primary cause of my weight gain and body dysmorphia.

That time was hard because I felt judged for my lack of self-control as a fitness professional.

We should have all the answers and do what is necessary to lose weight. It should be effortless, and putting on weight implies that we lack self-control.

But, the problem lies in dieting for so long and the yoyo effect of weight loss, followed by rapid weight gain.

It messes with not only your metabolism but also your head. So, for any woman reading and thinking this is the level you need to be at to lose weight, you are misinformed.

Yes, this is just one of the extreme diets you can try — but giving yourself three weeks to lose weight isn’t healthy or ideal — if you are taking a long-term lifestyle approach. Kim could have easily allowed herself a few months of healthy eating and exercise to lose weight.

But perhaps she (like most of us) didn’t realise that a dress we want to wear badly enough is too small for our larger frame. So in that sense, she took drastic measures with only a couple of weeks left before the event. She’s not the only one who resorts to drastic measures simultaneously!

For us normal human beings without personal chefs, trainers and the like — you can get the results Kim did — by giving yourself the necessary time and being realistic about the current lifestyle. Before going on a three-week stressful & bland weight loss plan, here are some things to consider.

One: Kim had no intention of being that size anyway

The ideal size we want to become depends on our goals. If you’re going to fit into a dress for one evening, I think that’s a pretty low-level goal. Instead, think about what you want in a real-life sense — rather than a flash-in-the-pan goal you do not intend to sustain over your lifetime.

Adopting a healthier outlook will serve your mental & physical health a lot more throughout your life. That might mean eating more veggies or eliminating added sugars from your diet. Start small and then expand to more options.

Two: Eliminating carbs is not the answer

It doesn’t matter how much emphasis is placed on eating carbs — because lack of it messes with your thyroid anyway — people still don’t listen! It’s the quality of the carb which is the culprit. Think of carbs like sweet potato, oats and moderate levels of rice as a carb source your body needs — especially when training hard.

Yes, keto is popular and a great alternative — but do you honestly love carbs? Well, I do, and I’m not getting rid of them — because you and I don’t need to.

There is an alternative, and that is carb cycling. Skip between low, high and medium levels of carbs during the week to ensure you balance and succeed with your weight loss and maintenance goals.

Three: Giving up sugar isn’t a bad thing

One thing we do not need is added sugars. By no means do you need processed foods and sugar? It’s a craving — a want, not a need. Give sugar the flick as much as possible for your health. It will serve your health long-term.

Four: Bingeing after a restricted eating plan opens you up to unhealthy overeating

When I dieted pretty hard to get as lean as possible, we would all have a stash of unhealthy food to gorge on after shows. If the general public could go to a bodybuilding show, you would be shocked at the amount of chocolate and junk in a competitor’s bag.

Because we are all been dieting for so long, everyone wants to binge as much as possible on junk. This happens and is not a great way to finish your seasonal run. However, I’m afraid I have to disagree with this habit. It usually leads to even more junk food consumption, leading to weight gain and possibly disease.

So, do allow a more balanced approach when it comes to dieting. Be as strict as you need to be — don’t forget about flexibility!

For example, if having a few squares of chocolate daily helps ease binging on junk, allow yourself to have them.

Get back to basics when you want to lose weight instead of applying quick-fix strategies that leave you feeling deprived.

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