How being boring and lazy can help you lose weight

How Being Boring and Lazy can Help You Lose Weight

It might surprise you just how easy it is to lose weight this way

 When I first read about this, I laughed out loud — literally! I didn’t think I was that boring until I read and heard about celebrities like Victoria Beckam & Jennifer Aniston. Victoria Beckham’s meal consists of fish and baked veggies — and that’s all she’s been having for the last 25 years — her loving husband David Beckam states. Victoria mentions having a skin problem for most of her life, and changing her diet seemed to do the trick. In addition, it was a way for Victoria to self-heal and nurture herself. Indeed staying lean had something to do with this too! I can resonate with that, as I, too, had skin troubles, but the gut challenges forced me to keep my diet simple but not as restrictive as Victoria’s. I wanted to delve deeper into this as I’ve had many discussions with friends who suffer from food intolerances and alergies. We all know how dangerous it can be for our gut microbiome when we don’t feed it enough variety of foods. As a result, symptoms of alergies and food intolerances worsen — to the point where you may become malnourished due to the lack of nutrients. 


There are several pros to eating the same food — or similar every day

First, it makes buying and preparing meals super easy and ticks one added-to-do task off a never-ending list. Structured eating habits also help us stay on track — because veering off can increase our chances of making the wrong choices. Busy and very time-poor individuals may benefit from this routine. If you have particular weight loss or fitness goals, it might be good to eat similar foods daily to be less likely to eat the wrong things. You could go so far as to create a specialised ‘template’ of food options that you enjoy eating, and can eat regularly, which will support the achievement of your goals. This new habit could improve your health and weight loss in a few months. I appreciate the lack of mental attention food gives me so that I can focus on essential things in my life. Deciding what to cook and adding a considerable variety brings about complexity and also leaves susceptibility to making the wrong nutritional choices to attain my goals. Achieving your weight loss or muscle-building goals is taxing enough, getting to the gym frequently, preparing and making meals, attending to your bread and butter called work, and supporting the family. If this is one less complex, we can let go, making life much simpler. You don’t have to go as far as eating the same meals daily. What if you were to alternate at least 50 per cent of your meal to benefit your health? Soon enough, some initial improvements? They will begin to show themselves. Sometimes, we need to see that something is working in our favour, which helps us stick with the plan of action over the long term. On the other hand, Dietician Melissa Meier encourages us not to head down this path, and there are a few reasons why.


One: It lacks a variety

All the food groups have specific nutrient values and are essential in keeping us healthy and in shape. Looking at fruit and vegetables more closely, they provide many disease-fighting nutrients, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Eating various fruit and veggies also helps us create an abundant nutrient source that feeds the good gut bacteria that keep us healthy and disease-free. 


Two: It can get pretty boring

Eating the same thing day in and day out can feel monotonous and boring. If this is deliberate, the restriction could slowly lead to deprivation and other symptoms, such as binge eating. In addition, this can build unhealthy relationships with food over the long term.


Three: It may lead you to have nutritional difficulties

Eating only a handful of food with only a certain amount of nutrients can hugely limit your nutrition. You will not be meeting your daily dietary quota. Everyone requires a good balance of healthy fats, carbs, protein and fibre to help keep us in top shape and increase our lifespan. 


Here are some tips that I’d like to share if you prefer to eat similar food daily

One: Change one ingredient, or add something new

Try to include different types of fish or vegetables, for instance — as that may be the much-needed variety you could use to stay true to your nutritional habits.


Two: Have a break once in a while

Although I don’t eat out a lot, when I do, I make sure I have something out of the ordinary, but that’s still in line with my health goals.


Three: Change the way you cook the food

I LOVE air frying, instead of your usual bake-in oven kind of food. Perhaps you appreciate the crisp and crunchy texture of meats and veggies. Also, perhaps add other cooking methods like a pressure cooker or steamer.


Four: Add lots of colours — at least three

If you struggle with veggies, use the colour method and add at least three different colours to your plate every week. Keep them the same if need be, or change them up regularly.


Five: Eat seasonally

Eating what’s in season is probably the best and easiest way to stay healthy — eat in season, and the shift will give you nutrient value, variety and flavour.


Key takeaways

Eating the same isn’t a big deal as long as you eat various nutrients. Some people happen to appreciate certain foods a lot more than others. I fall into that category. 

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