Have two strategies combined to help you lose weight?

There are many little strategies that can help you lose body fat, but I have found that two are the most, if not the best ways to lose weight and keep it off over time. Let’s discuss this a bit further, so you too can start working on the strategies I’m going to outline below.

2 key strategies for weight loss that will work for anyone

  1. Change your diet – this is key.
    No one can out train a bad diet, and you wouldn’t want to waste your time doing this. They most prominent key factor when it comes to weight loss is what you put in your mouth on a meal by meal basis. It’s very important to create a caloric deficit over time, and have the patience to see this one through. Results do not happen overnight for anyone, and the progress at times can become very slow. Here are a few tips which will really set your fat burning potential high:
    – Add more lean protein to your diet, such as white fish, chicken breast, eggs and lean beef. Protein is also a thermogenic, and you burn calories while the digestion process is going on within your body
    – Eat lots of green vegetables, as they help you feel full for longer, and contain fibre which helps to eliminate waste and create a fat burning environment
    – Eat fat! Yes, fat has potential to become a thermogenic as well! Things such as avocado, salmon and olive should always be included in your diet. This helps fight inflammation.
    – Try intermittent fasting. This one will take your results to another level. Do some research on this (or read a lot of material from my blog posts), and start to implement restrictive eating into your diet plan. You will re-set your metabolism and become a lot more insulin sensitive. That means, your body will become a lot better at using your food for energy, rather than storing it as body fat. This kind of lifestyle is very easy for anyone to adapt, and I always urge people to try it out. It’s also great for your health.
  2. Weight train.
    I love this part the best, as it works like a perfect marriage with your new eating habits. The potential to change your body shape and burn fat at the same time, cannot be underestimated! Using strategies such as multi joint movements as your key weight training exercises, will change your body shape as a whole. Because you will be building muscle mass, you will have more potential to burn fat. I won’t fail to mention how athletic, toned and slim you will look. The lean muscle mass structured look is what a lot of people aim for, and this is the key to achieving it.
    If you don’t know a lot about training with weights, then I recommend seeking the help of a professional personal trainer to start you off. It’s really important that the movements are executed properly, so that you will reach your full potential with weight training, and also stop any injury from occurring.

There you have it, the 2 steps to really changing the way your body looks, losing weight and also feeling great. You want to have the energy and vitality to enjoy life along this process, and building muscle will help with all of this. I really do hope this piece of information has been helpful for you. You can contact me any time on my site or join me on fb and insta social. Please feel free to upvote this answer if it has been useful in some way to you.

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