Five things lean people don’t ever think about & that you shouldn’t either

Ever wondered what the lean side of the world think & how you can apply it to your lifestyle? It’s a fact; leaner people have entirely different ideas and habits regarding food and lifestyle. But the truth is, there are several things we thin people don’t think about compared to anyone who diets for weight loss. I have had weight issues throughout my lifetime. When I lost the weight I wanted, there were also quite several mindset shifts that occurred. Unfortunately, we are not immune to inheriting these habits again — they can and surely will come back to haunt us at one time or another. The most important thing you can do is become vigilant and stay true to your personal goals. Not everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, and I get that, but so many clients cling to knowing what the secret sauce is when it comes to losing weight, maintaining it, which results in a healthier lifestyle. We all want some form of this goal because a more nutritious lifestyle means we are more than likely to become disease-free and free of ill health chains, which stops us from living the best life possible. Not thinking about certain things can sometimes rid our minds of pre-empting the wrong choice to make. So here are 5 of the top things leaner people don’t think about, which perhaps might be something you could adapt. Remember that changing your mindset can change your life.  

Number one: They don’t constantly think about what they are going to eat.

Of course, there is an exception to this, but most leaner people pretty much know what they are eating. Usually, we stick to the same things for ease of use and consistency. It can get quite overwhelming trying to think about new meal options every single day. It’s a lot easier to have a recipe schedule in place, pre-cook it all and heat it when the time comes. Tracking our food means we’re eating with intent and accuracy (or as close to it as we can) – if need be. Usually, takeaway food has a lot more bulk than the food you would cook at home. Building your awareness around portion sizes and how much you should be eating (instead of how much you want) helps you to attain your weight loss or maintenance goals. People who aren’t lean most likely leave their food choices up to chance and what they feel like at the time. Don’t get me wrong, we have these ideas as well – but prefer the routine and precision to achieve our goals. Pre-preparing allows us to focus on those essential things we find more enjoyable than being in the kitchen. 

Number two: They don’t give themselves a hard time during a screw-up.

Everyone makes a wrong decision, overeats too much or puts on too much weight during the lockdown (or holidays). It is inevitable, and although it’s not ideal – it can happen to anyone. The leaner person knows they have achieved it once, and they sure as hell will go back and do it again. It just takes a bit more strict meal monitoring and some exercise. There is no weeping, feeling sorry for one’s self or proclaiming the end of eating healthy. They just put on their sneakers and get back to work. 

Number Three: They don’t judge what their friends eat.

Isn’t it funny that people who aren’t happy with their bodies tend to obsess about lean peoples food choices? You guys know what I mean. When a thin person feels like a treat — something sugar-filled and decadent, It’s not unusual for someone to comment with something like: “you are genetically blessed.” or “I wish I could eat like that and not get fat.” Like anyone else on the planet, we eat a variety of food – but know what food choices to make regularly, rather than just making the wrong ones constantly. Bad food choices put you in a position to ruin your body shape and put your health at risk. There is a fine line between enjoying your little sweet, then having them all the time. 

Number Four: We don’t scrutinise the scale results.

So many people focus on the scale results continuously. See, being lean isn’t about the scales or the numbers. It’s more than likely about the overall habits we have + the goals we want to achieve. Everyone’s goals are entirely different, but being lean consists of habit choices rather than spur of the moment decisions & obsession. For instance, we want to achieve a six-pack, or maybe it’s putting on muscle. These goals require some work on the nutrition and training front. First, you have to eat a certain amount of protein, veggies and carbs; then, you have to train at least 3-4 times per week. Finally, we are perhaps throwing some cardio in the mix. Consistently doing this produces the results necessary to stay lean all year round and not to stress every time summer comes around. We are ready and locked into visiting the beach without any inhibitions – all because we had our goals, we kept ourselves consistent & the scales didn’t matter that much. 

Number Five: They don’t think about hanging around with people who don’t support their goals.

It gets stressful when you have people around that don’t support you. Worst still, what about the people that make you feel bad because of the choices you make? If you want to go ahead and lose weight, and people keep coaxing you to make the wrong choices— then this sets you up for failure. You need those close to you to keep you on the winning streak. If your partner changes their eating habits for you, then you have the best gift of all. That’s the spirit of love and support. Pick and choose who you tell about your goals. Some people may become “gulp” a little “jealous”, especially when you start looking smoking hot. Stay right away from anyone that makes you feel like shit about your goals. Those who are worth your time love you unconditionally and support any positive goals you may be working on. It can be a constant battle with your mind and body.However, mindset is the most critical part of the whole process. Without getting hold of what’s going on in your mind, your results can become haphazard and disappointing. Focus on where you are now, and keep taking those little steps to get where you want to go.It will take a bit of time, but most of the things I mentioned above have to do with mindset and your environment. So pay close attention to both aspects, and get ready to make the changes you need. You deserve to become a priority to your own self and serve your goals. Be a badass. Make your move from where you are standing now, and keep going.

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