Five-Step Weight Loss Plan for Women Only

Five-Step Weight Loss Plan for Women Only

Do the following five steps for weight loss success

People might automatically resort to extreme levels of exercise to lose weight at a faster rate. However, this isn’t always the case, and whilst training is essential — the foundation for weight loss starts with your nutrition. Weight loss for women is probably the most frustrating part of our life, and the journey never seems to end. Something may trigger a weight gain surge — and it’s usually the result of taking our eyes off the prize. This plan is pretty extreme — and not for the faint-hearted. Usually, the dedication starts well and then tapers off as boredom sets in. Boredom and routine eating can be a challenge for you — especially if you don’t know how to cook or add variety to your meals. The good news is that I can help with this part, too — but what I can’t give you is the gift of standing in front of you every time you decide to eat something that isn’t suitable for your weight loss goals. 

One: Lower your caloric intake by eliminating unnecessary snacks

We all like to snack on something when it comes to filling the gap between meals. But, snacks aren’t essential unless you are an athlete and need the caloric input for your training. Since most of us have sedentary jobs and don’t really need those calories, we could, in fact, cut them out. How much you should cut out depends on your energy requirements. If you base your weight loss on dieting alone, you don’t need to eat more. However, perhaps a small snack can be appropriate for those of us who exercise. If you feel starving between meals, have a protein shake instead. Most protein shakes contain many vitamins and minerals, which nourish your body while taking the hunger pangs away. Snacking could be the one main saboteur of any legitimate dieting plan. 

Two: Get rid of all the sugar for good

Sugar is something we turn to during a moment of absolute hunger and when our energy levels start to plummet. Our current lifestyle is fast-paced and often forcefully leads us to consume processed foods. I mean, they are easy, quick and most likely cheap! So it’s not hard to say no — especially when you are hungry. The lowdown is sugar contains nothing but false feel-good flavour mixed with an endless number of additives. They probably help us feel great  for a short period, but the result of this short-lived feeling is perhaps a spare tire on your abs! 

Three: 30 minutes every day — just for you

I don’t care how busy everyone is — we all have enough time in the day for exercising. 30 minutes is all it takes, and you don’t have to exercise on your own either! So take your baby along, dog or get your work friends together for a lunchtime walk. It sure beats shopping and spending your money. You don’t have to go overboard with exercise — and a small commitment like 30 minutes during  the day when you would usually get lost scrolling on Tick Tock mindlessly. 

Four: Top up your water bottle better

Set up a prompt on your phone or watch — anything which will remind you to keep drinking water all the time. Water helps our internal system flush out toxins and any build-up of waste. But, unfortunately, that accumulates into inflammation, as well as weight gain. Drinking water also helps you go to the bathroom more often by breaking down the food you eat. If you suffer from constipation — don’t reach for the laxatives. Drink more water instead. 

Five: Get more avocado in your life

Fat helps you burn extra stores of body fat! Avocado (or any fat for that matter) helps to disperse the weight in your belly. In addition, it has the power to sweep away toxic fat from the most important organs located in our abdomen. But, we have to do out bit by exercising regularly and leading a healthy lifestyle. Try this fat loss hack — instead of eating a lot of carbs, cut them down in favour of avocado instead. When eating more fats than carbs, you’re more readily able to access fat stores for fuel instead of sugar. Not only will you feel less hungry, but tap into fat stores to burn calories. 

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Key take away

You’re probably thinking, well heck, I do many of these things, and I’m still not getting results. I hear you on that one; this is the frustrating part of weight loss. Sometimes, the body does take a little while to respond to the caloric downturn. It may either shift upwards, downwards or stay the same for some time. So what you have to do during this stage is to be PATIENT! Yes, that’s right, be patient and stick with it. Don’t do anything drastic, and don’t stress out too much. Just give it some time, and that might be one, two or three months. You know your body better than anyone, so do give it time. In my experience, I don’t see results for 3–6 months. One reason is that I don’t have a lot of body fat, and two is that I’ve been dieting for a long time. We all differ in how much we want to lose and our diet history. But, don’t do everything possible in one short period of time, such as lowering your caloric rate too much, over-exercise, and obsessing. Instead, take it slow and keep some of the necessary weight loss options in your back pocket when things get rough. If you do it all straight out — then you won’t have anything else to use when experiencing a plateau. 

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