Best Exercise Made For Weight Loss – Does It Exist?

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Is there an exercise that is best suitable for weight loss?

Everyone would like to know the answer to a question: What is the best exercise I can do to lose weight?
It’s startling how many people emphasize exercise before food.
Food is given second preference since it’s what we used to escape the clutches of last night’s pizza dinner.
I have done this myself for many years — and failed to attain results.
I don’t think I’m the only one!
Answering this question isn’t as simple as I’d like.

The truth about weight loss

Weight loss is easy, but finding what works for everyone is time-consuming.
No strategy or method works well for everyone who wants to lose weight. There are, of course, certain exercises that help a lot.
When you follow a caloric-controlled eating plan and increase your physical activity too — weight loss results will happen.
There is a lot more to this than calories in and calories out.

It’s not always about how low you can go.

Unfortunately, many people have taken the wrong path assuming 1200 calories are the way to go and endless amounts of cardio will give them the desired weight loss.
Truth be known that eating nutritious sources of fats, carbs and protein-rich food while eliminating processed carbs and sugars has a better effect on weight loss and longevity than placing a tally on your food consumption.
For instance, the Mediterranean diet is successful for health, weight loss and maintenance. There is ongoing research on its effectiveness.

The best fat-burning exercises

When it comes to the best exercise for burning calories — we have a few options here;
Running on a treadmill is said to burn 25–39 per cent more calories than doing kettlebell exercise at the same level of exertion.
Another underused method is the trusted rower. In 30 minutes, you could get an average of 404 caloric burns (depending on your weight).
Using a jump rope is great, too, as it burns 462 calories in 30 minutes (if you are 170 lbs).
All this relevant information isn’t a good reason to give up lifting weights!
If you want to get a bigger and better caloric burn when lifting weights, it’s important to exercise the larger muscle groups (such as legs) often.
Not only will you get a great caloric burn during that session, but also during the time your body is busy trying to recover (after your session).
Muscle uses more calories, even when at rest. That’s the one key factor most people aren’t aware of.
But muscle has a big role in increasing those fat-burning enzymes in your body. So, the more muscle you put on and maintain, the more calories you will burn naturally.

So, what’s the best path to take for weight loss

Unfortunately, there is no real clear-cut proof that one thing works better than another.
HIIT, for instance, is great for fat burning.
Building muscle helps to strengthen your body and bone density while increasing fat-burning enzymes.
However, there won’t be many weight loss changes without factoring diet into your strategy.
That doesn’t necessarily mean eating less either — because you will need to eat enough fuel to sustain your energy.
However, it takes some time to determine what’s suitable for you.
So give it time and a chance to work it out as you go along. Start by applying the Mediterranean diet.
Remember — one step at a time.
Being consistent with your exercise, working out at least four times a week, eating nutritious food, and being active throughout the day is your best move toward weight loss and maintenance.
Use a variety of exercises that you enjoy, and be sure to integrate some HIIT and weight training into the mix for the different benefits they bring.
My advice to anyone wanting to lose weight is that it’s a daily act.
Keep tabs on your progression, and tweak as you go along. When in doubt — consult a reputable personal trainer.
What exercises (in conjunction with a proper diet) have worked well for you regarding weight loss?

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