5 top weight loss lifestyle tips that work

Weight loss is a losing battle for a lot of people – including myself. For years, there have been negative associations towards weight loss. The first and foremost problem is diets can be thought of as a “deprived time” of your life. It could also be a time of suffering and filled with moments of exhaustion and lack of energy itself.Diets are supposed to be lacking in pretty much everything – taste, texture and even a decent amount of calories. You could feel hungry all the time, possibly overeat a lot more – and then wonder why diets never work for you. Diets don’t work for many people, but most of us still get sucked into the notion that it will give us the shape and body weight we want. We live in dreamland when it comes to weight loss because of the over-complicated drama put behind it – From counting macros, waist measurements, and not forgetting the scales. It can all get overwhelming, not to mention disappointing when the results we get are not all it’s cracked up to be. What is the option if we want to lose some weight, re-shape our body, and target those weight loss goals? Can it be simple, effective and allow us to have a life too? Yes and yes is the answer – but how? 

When losing weight, what’s the most effective method

When you take the word “diet or weight loss” and you change it into “lifestyle plan”, the whole meaning around those words changes. It’s an entirely different way of seeing things. Lifestyle means it’s an integration in your life that makes positive changes without too many challenges. There will be instances when we may have to tweak our lifestyle, but usually, it’s not as challenging as we may have suspected. I also see lifestyle as something you start now and keep moving ahead with for life – but tweaking it along the way. There is no deprivation, no obsession and no magic pills. This is when we “eat” for good health and longevity. For far too long, we’ve been focusing on the obsessiveness of macros – making it detrimental to our inner well-being.What does a healthy lifestyle mean in the least complicated way? It means eating for health, and it means eating foods that nourish and support your body. Can weight loss become instant? Nothing that ever sticks around is instant – we have to keep working on it every day, continuously. If we’re not naturally lean people, we need to keep an eye out for the foods we eat and the amount of activity we do. As soon as you stop this, that’s when things start to get out of hand. 

I know this is not a quick fix solution – that’s why diets don’t work. They pray on peoples sense of urgency and the “quick fix” strategies. There are none, and they (and I’m guessing a lot of you too) don’t work at all.

 There are some little tricks I have personally found to be very effective along with my diet and weight loss lifestyle. They have served me well, and I’d love to share them with you too.


5 top weight loss lifestyle tips that work

  1. Intermittent fasting. The best way to describe this lifestyle is to skip 1–2 meals per day. Focus on quality, not quantity: fresh whole foods, sources of protein and fats with your meals. Stay clear of processed foods. Either skip breakfast or dinner – it’s that simple.
  2. Stay active daily. It’s essential to be active every single day. Avoid sitting down for long periods and try to walk as much as possible after mealtimes. It helps push along digestion and stops that heavy feeling we may feel after eating. It’s also really nice for your well being to be outdoors in the sun amongst nature.
  3. Make veggies the most significant portion on your plate. Veggies are essential for many things, but they contain lots of water and fibre in weight loss, which causes satiety. When you are full, there is less of a chance for you to snack and overeat. Choose green veggies in abundance.
  4. Drink lots of water. Hydration does not only play a huge part in reducing fluid retention and appetite. It’s also helpful in aiding elimination.
  5. Lift weights. As challenging as it is, lifting weights will build muscle and increase your metabolism. As you lose weight, you will also increase muscle mass. Muscle gives the body a lovely shape and protects your bones from fractures.

Although this is not a completely exhaustive list of what you can do when it comes to lifestyle, the simpler they are, the more inclined you will be to do them. That’s really what a lifestyle plan is all about. I do hope this was helpful to you. Please also join me on my various social platforms and do go ahead and download your 40 Fat Loss Tips & Portions guide. I’m also on Instagram.

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