Don’t blame on this one thing, if you can’t lose weight – according to science

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This piece proves that failing to lose weight is lifestyle-based — here’s why

How often have you, or someone you know, blamed their background or health for being unable to lose weight? When I weighed a little more than I wanted, the finger-pointing began. First, I blamed my bodybuilding diet and strict nutrition for weight gain.

Then, perhaps I had faltered my metabolism, and I would remain this size forever. Seeing me today indicates that it was just an excuse to get away with eating what I was and not facing the absolute truth. It was my habits all along that caused the damage.

Obesity is a huge problem worldwide, and in the UK, there is more than 25 per cent of obese adults.

It’s been known that a particular gene variant called FTO caused an individual to become 3kg heavier and 70 per cent more likely to become obese. Researchers pulled data from 9 563 adults enrolled in a randomised controlled weight-loss trial worldwide to uncover how much more of an obesity risk it was carrying the FTO gene.

Fortunately, after the extensive analysis, those who carried the FTO gene responded just as well to weight loss interventions as every other person. It shows that the actual weight gain culprit is lack of exercise and practising adequate nutrition.

Responses to weight loss intervention for those carrying the FTO gene were similar in men and women, younger and older individuals, and those with different ethnic backgrounds.

Current causes of obesity are multiple and highly complex.

This recent evidence shows that genes have little to do with our inability to lose that weight. The best weight loss strategy is holistic, considering the individual’s lifestyle, environment, and nutritional habits.

Here are the basics of ensuring you can lose weight fast and without too much google searching.

One: Try intermittent fasting three days per week

If you have underlying health conditions, seek approval from your doctor first.

Two: Eat the veggies on your plate first

Make sure there are a variety of veggies. You should have so many veggies that there is no room for carbs and protein! I’m serious here.

Three: Drink lots of water

Usually, when we are thirsty, those hunger signals can get messed up again. So instead of grabbing a snack all the time, drink a glass or two of water instead.

Four: Use the Mediterranean diet

Backed by science, this is the best diet endorsed by many health professionals, and it’s the key to eliminating disease and increasing longevity.

Five: Get enough sleep!

Sleep deprivation feels awful, & it encourages us to overeat and eat the wrong things. Remember, slow, small, deliberate plans of action every day will help you achieve that end goal of weight loss success. Then, you won’t ever have to blame your genes again! Please help grow awareness of health, lifestyle and well-being holistically, and follow my YouTube channel here

I’m on Youtube! Please help grow awareness of health, lifestyle and well-being holistically, and follow my YouTube channel here.

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