What should I do right before a workout?

I think the answer to this depends on what part of the day you work out. Do you schedule morning or evening workouts? For me, I’m an early bird, and there are a lot of things I would do quite differently if I were an evening lifter.

For those who do lift in the morning, it’s probably not possible for you to have any food (I do not because it’s too early).


In sequence, this is what I have as my pre-workout routine.

  1. Drink 500ml’s of pure water upon waking
  2. Have a double espresso coffee, with a hint of hot water
  3. Drink another 500ml of water (a total of 1 litre)
  4. Take 2–3 branch chain amino acids
  5. Proceed to food prep accordingly, chores and them head to the gym

This is the usual routine before an actual gym workout. Because I’ve been training at home, I have been skipping the BCAA as I’m not lifting heavy anymore or exerting myself to failure like I would with weights. But coffee and water are always essential.


One thing I’d like to point out about water is that most of us head to the gym dehydrated. This means a low energy workout and diminishing returns. Aim to drink one litre before training, one litre during training, then a lot more as the day progresses. Hunger sometimes can be mistaken for dehydration as well – so keep that in mind if you are training to lose body fat.


I’ve followed the above routine for years. If I were going for more fat burning, I would add Carnitine to the mix. I’m fasting while training and have lost enough body fat. Now it’s time to allow HGH to work its magic, and train very well.


If I were training in the afternoons or evenings, I would most likely have lunch as my last meal and would still increase hydration and include a black coffee in there. Coffee affects people in various ways at different times, and if you find it messing with your sleep, have your last cup after lunch. Watch out for those pre-workouts as they contain quite a lot of caffeine.

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