One Negative Thing you do Almost Every Day That is Accelerating Ageing

One Negative Thing you do Almost Every Day That is Accelerating Ageing

We all do it, and it’s causing a lot more harm than we realise

I can’t help but worry. We have an energy crisis here in New South Wales, Australia. Lettuce costs more than 12 dollars in some fruit and vegetable shops, and the price of your essentials has skyrocketed, and buying a meal can accumulate into your weekly shopping bill. Sale prices of homes have begun to decrease and are set to drop a lot more. There is no doubt a recession is on the way. That would worry a lot of people — it’s bothering me. I’m in an industry that booms no matter how bad the economy is. We get busier in times of crisis, and that is the cause of people taking desperate measures to survive. Stress is what I’m talking about here. Stress thinking about whether you will pay your mortgage, rent or the skyrocketing electricity bill. It’s probably going to get a lot higher as time progresses. As we age, our immune system naturally begins to the downturn. That can turn out into too many worn-out white blood cells circulating and fewer fresh ones to take on any new invaders that are coming in. What are the actual differences in health when you take two people of the same age? USC researchers searched for the answers based on the amount of stress the respondents experienced. They cross-examined and questioned data sets from the University of Michigan’s Health and Retirement Study. When calculating the health differences in one age group, the researcher’s analysed responses from 5,744 adults over 50. In addition, researchers assessed responses to stress ranging from; Experiences of social stress, life events, chronic stress conditions, everyday discrimination etc. Blood samples were also tested and analysed. Researchers were not surprised with the findings, as higher stress rates equalled older immune profiles. That result also follows lower percentages of new disease fighters and higher rates of worn-out white blood cells. Some instances of stress can be very hard — if not impossible to control. But there is something we can do. Remember how I mentioned above that people’s immune systems become compromised as we age? Well, tissue in our thymus shrinks too (a gland that sits in front and above our heart) and is replaced by fatty tissue, further reducing our immune cells. Prior research indicates that this is further accelerated if you do not have an adequate diet and lack any physical activity. These two factors are associated with social stress. People who experience a lot more stress tend to have poorer diets and exercise habits, which can explain why their immune age skyrockets. Something as simple as vaccinations can help reduce stress’s immune age effects. What you can do right now is also start taking control of your diet and exercise habits.


Here are some key ways to get started by focusing on critical foods that help your immune system:

One: Eat blueberries

Blueberries contain many antioxidants and flavonoids, which are shown to increase your immune system. Flavonoids are essential in the respiratory tract immune defence system and ward off the common cold.


Two: Eat oily fish

Fish such as tuna, salmon and sardines are all rich in omega-three fatty acids and can reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis.


Three: Spinach

Spinach has many antioxidant properties and helps boost your immune system since it contains: vitamin C, E, Flavonoids and carotenoids. These vital properties help to prevent the common cold. 

Four: Garlic

Garlic has always been a commonly used remedy to prevent colds and flu. You can use garlic in any food you cook — perhaps in raw foods if you dare. Garlic is also a powerful aid in increasing the number of good bacteria in your gut -which further increases your immunity. If you use these food alternatives, in conjunction with being active daily, you not only boost your immune system but also reduce your chances of disease and even increase the likelihood of losing a few pounds. I haven’t even scratched the surface enough of the foods you can eat that help boost your health. If you prefer a dietary plan, please view the Mediterranean diet as many researchers and dieticians praise it as the best diet for anyone. Mix that in with some exercise, and you have a plan for life.

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