Four productivity steps as outlined by a successful CFO

Four Productivity Steps as Outlined by a Successful CFO

Adapting to other successful peoples routine’s is the best way to supercharge your success!


I love reading about other successful people and the rigorous routine and laser-sharp focus they apply to achieve goals. As Tony Robins regularly quotes in his many webinars and lectures, mirroring someone else’s habits step by step can help you attain the same amount (or even greater) of results. It’s all about putting in place the necessary work to get you there. I found this particular routine very interesting, courtesy of Kurtis Hanni, a self-help podcast host and CFO at an engineering group. I liked his theories and appreciated his hands in many pies. On one side, he has a professional and successful job; he also has his interests as a podcaster and finance coach. I, too, like to have my hands on various projects. Many people on different platforms reiterate just how much they disliked working full time in the corporate world. I love my job and have a few other offer promotional offers in the works–but that’s not to say I don’t enjoy my side hustles. I often complain that it can sometimes become quite a battle to juggle everything and attend to a fussy teenager — but I LOVE the chaos! Life is too short to sit back and relax. Sure, we need a bit of R&R at times, but nothing makes my heart sing more than doing a great job at work and succeeding in my side hustling passions. One will, of course, outweigh the other — due to time restraints, but I’m not in a hurry, and I’m not into get rich quick schemes either. If you can appreciate this, then it’s definitely for you. Kurtis makes a good point in saying that previous to a routine, his life was a little bit chaotic, and it was the supervising roles he was forced into that pushed him to take charge and follow a routine to stop the chips from falling. Oprah Winfrey has a morning routine like many other highly successful and wealthy individuals. We should all practice a few things to start every day in the best shape possible.

One: Showing gratitude for what we now have

One thing that can set you back is starting it with feelings and thoughts of negativity; it’s so easy to get caught up in that mindset — and your mind will go off on a tangent. If we start the day by showing gratitude for what we already have and the people in our lives who mean the most to us, it will create a space of love and elevate your mood, making it infections to others. People will want to be around you, radiating that aura. Use a journal & write down your affirmations or reflect on a few things that made your day yesterday. Perhaps this is a minor task, but the little things are done regularly make a big difference.

Two: Don’t look at your phone

I am very guilty of looking at my phone because it is my alarm. It’s so easy to roll over, turn the alarm off and start to look at the accumulated messages. Before you know it, so much time has passed that you skimp on the necessary things, like getting ready for a workout, drinking some water, or allowing yourself to do nothing for once before you begin your training. A Cinch survey of over 1,000 individuals found that 49% checked their phones first thing upon waking. Two out of five of those people also reported higher stress levels. To make matters worse, those people who constantly checked their phones had a lower range of productivity.

Three: No more to-do list — rather a priority list

It’s so easy to get caught in the day to day runnings at work or on your own business. Time is limited, especially for those who work from 9–5 and then a side hustle in the evening and on weekends.  Time can get away from you if you do not tackle the most critical issues first. If you stop what you are doing and spend 10 or 15 minutes planning your day, you will save hours of endless fumbling about trying to work out what has to be done next. Have clear cut priorities based on the most urgent things that require more headspace, attention and interaction with others. I always tackle the most challenging thing first — despite kicking and screaming on the inside. It takes me one hundred steps away from the clutches of procrastination. Getting that big bull out of the way eliminates stress & allows me time for the more enjoyable tasks on the priority list.

Four: Planning the day before

Hanni plans his day the night before, which eliminates the stress of getting yourself ready the next day. This includes simple things, like packing your bag and getting those work clothes ready the evening beforehand. Although some people may not have time to attempt these so far in advance, Hanni says that planning your days is part and parcel of practising self-care. Practising slowly and deliberately with smaller items, like packing your gym bag, or preparing your food, sets you up to tackle the big guns later on down the track. If this is the one thing that helps you control your mind and body, why not take the necessary steps to plan your day the night before. That way, you can always ensure you set yourself up for a day of success upon waking.

Key take away

Although some of these are pretty obvious, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details of your day today and then left far too exhausted for planning. However, small things do add up to either your wins or losses. Hanni is correct; this is a self-care strategy because only you can implement these changes that can set you in motion for success. Depending on how far you would like to take your life and career, it will help you get there successfully if you make an effort within yourself to make it easier.

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