What do you like to eat after your workout?

There are a few basic guidelines on what to eat and avoid after the workout window. Your training results are dependent on some factors, and it’s a shame a lot of people make the incorrect choices. These may compromise your goals, and leave you wondering why you aren’t getting the results, even though you are working extremely hard.

To keep this simple, I’ve highlighted 5 key factors that could help you in choosing the best option. Remember, if you cannot get to food after a very intense workout, the best choice is to have something with you in order to sustain you until you do have a meal.

The 5 essentials for the best post workout nutrition

  1. This is your window for carb consumption. But do not fall into the trap of eating refined, sugar filled carbs. You should instead, eat sweet potato. vegetables, oats or some white basmati rice. The post workout meal is the perfect time for you to enjoy those carbs you limit during the day in order to stay lean. If you are on a mission to lose weight, then I would minimize the carbs, and only consume vegetables, and every so often, sweet potato or oats.
  2. Use whey protein if you cannot consume food for a few hours. Whey is a great alternative, providing you with your daily protein consumption quota. It contains amino acids for protein synthesis, fueling your muscular growth and recovery. It will also improve your insulin sensitivity, as it has a high thermic effect. This makes it very lucrative for those on a weight loss mission. If you cannot consume milk products, opt for a vegan protein powder with adequate amino acids.
  3. Avoid anything with caffeine for now. Caffeine is great before your workout, as it boosts your training potential, mood and energy levels. It also has potential to reduce muscle soreness post workout. But when used after a workout, it can increase cortisol, which is definitely not what you want after a work out. Choose to eat some blueberries or cherries for increasing your rate of recovery, and filling your body with antioxidants to help metabolize cortisol.
  4. When working out in the evening, & are trying to build serious muscle, try having a protein snack before bedtime. To really increase your muscle growth potential, try eating 40g of protein before bedtime. This will increase protein synthesis by 25 percent and keeps your levels sustained for greater muscle building potential. Try eating some yoghurt, a protein shake or perhaps an egg white omelet. Try this one out if you are a hard gainer.
  5. Eat salmon after your workout to fight inflammation. Salmon contains omega 3 fats, EPA and DHA, which increase your rate of post workout recovery, as well as improving the delivery of these nutrients to the muscles that really need it! The fats in salmon also increase your sensitivity to insulin and improves protein synthesis. Eat your salon with cruciferous vegetables to help metabolize excess estrogen, which encourages fat gain, and also helps with inflammation.

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