What are the healthiest fermented foods we can consume?

Fermented foods are so good for your gut health, which is key to weight loss.

Fermented foods are your best bet in balancing your gut microbiome, enhancing health, quality of life, food absorption and also fat loss potential. The gut is also our first point of call that determines our moods. People underestimate the powerful potential when placing your gut health as a priority in your life.

Food sources such as sauerkraut, sourdough bread, yogurt and miso, contain live cultures. There are some drawbacks when these foods are placed in high temperatures, as that can kill off potential healthy bacteria.

The good news is that fermented foods are linked with many positive health benefits, even though the specific bacteria strains are added after the products were made. Studies have shown that the bacteria survives the trip via our gastrointestinal tract, providing the benefits of increased positive impact on the live bacteria living in the gut, and providing a measurable reduction in body fat as well as decreased inflammation. Below I will highlight some beneficial foods, even some you may not even thought would assist in healing your gut and providing your body with tremendous benefits.

5 of the best fermented foods for optimal health and weight loss

  1. Sauerkraut. This wonderful healthy option is shredded cabbage that has been fermented with lactic acid bacteria (and is my favourite in all salads). It’s got a sour, salty taste, and has the ability to be stored within a fridge in a glass jar for many months. It can be added to any foods you consume on a daily basis.

    Sauerkraut contains vitamin C, B and K, manganese, iron, fibre, is high in sodium (the kind that it good for you). Opt to choose an unpasteurized variety. As stated above, with some fermented foods, the live cultures can be destroyed within the cooking process. Check the label if unsure, before you make your purchase.

  2. Yoghurt. This is an affordable and easily accessible form of fermented food. These days, even nut varieties for the lactose intolerant and vegans is widely available in many supermarkets and health food outlets. Again, be mindful of the cooking process that may be applied to yogurt, and always check the label.

    Yoghurt is also great if you’ve have been on an extended amount of antibiotics, which kill off the good bacteria in your gut. Yogurt slowly helps the gut to heal, and increase the proper balance of microbiome to get you back on track to optimal health again.

    Do not be fooled by the low fat varieties. These yogurts are usually riddled with high levels of refined sugar, to increase the taste factor.

  3. Kombucha. This comes in form of a bubbly cold drink, green or black tea. It’s especially popular in Asia, although other countries are putting their own spin on it. In Australia, we have bubbly kombucha which is perfect on a hot summers day to cool down.

    Although a lot of evidence is lacking when it comes to it benefits, considering it’s probiotic properties, it is surely a step in the right direction when it comes to a healthy drink.

    Consider the sugar content before indulging in one of these. Some tend to be as negative for your body as sugar filled soft drinks.

  4. Pickles. Pickles or gherkins are fermented using their naturally present lactic acid bacteria. This in turn, makes them sour to taste. Some sauerkraut mixes add gherkins and pickles within their mix for added benefits.

    Do watch the sodium content, but in a balanced diet, this will be a benefit more than a hindrance.

  5. Apple cider vinegar. This beautiful mix contains mother culture (or look for one that specifies this on the packaging). The bottom of the bottle is usually cloudy. Unpasteurized is best, as heating does destroy any of the beneficial bacteria. You can use apple cider vinegar as a drink, elixir in the morning or as a vinegar, added to your salad.

Remember too that you can make your own fermented foods, following a simple recipe that’s available online. There are many wonderful resources available to cater for a more cost effective way to consume fermented foods regularly.

I do hope this article helps you somewhat.

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