Six of the best tips that will help change our life, and increase results

Train your mind and change your life. Training the mind to produce the best possible outcomes for our life is not as exciting as you think. But the brain operates efficiently, according to what you feed it the most. Some of the most exciting, informative and groundbreaking lectures were created by Napoleon Hill. I have had the pleasure of reading his material and listening to his taped lectures from the 1940s. All the material mentioned is still relevant in today’s world. 

Napoleon Hill isn’t the only one. You also have the likes of:

  • Tony robins
  • Mel robbins
  • Les Brown
  • Jim Rohn

 These greats have one message in common —  That we change our lives when we change what goes on in our minds and how we react to external factors all around us. Over the years, I’ve followed all of these greats and have picked up many beneficial strategies that I implement in my daily life. Doing small things every single day lead to mastering one’s mind. I don’t believe we ever get there, but those small efforts will create a massive shift in the way we see our lives and how much we believe in our ability to live our dreams. 

Six of the best tips that will help change our life, and increase results

One: Feed and nourish your mind (Tony Robbins)

Our minds are constantly spinning different bits of information faster than we can process it. We recycle old thoughts, beliefs, emotions and even scenarios that may have caused unhappiness. The intention here is to turn this upside down and feed our minds the good stuff. Things that make us happy cause us to feel a state of joy, confidence, and delight, perhaps even inspiring us to be the best version of ourselves. How do we do this? We fill our minds with endless streams of books, podcasts, audiobooks, youtube and even plaster things on our walls and as screen savers on computers and smartphones. The more you feed your mind with the good stuff in a repetitive state, the more likely you will start adopting those ideas.The mind needs repetition after repetition as much as possible. It will only adhere to your command, so do give it positive infused orders that will lead you to achieve the best version of yourself.


Two: Give yourself five seconds, and then GO! (Mel Robbins)

I love this one; it works so well. This method is a great way to get yourself to do that uncomfortable thing before you even have a second more to start questioning it. Countdown to 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, then make that phone call, send that email, have that conversation — do the thing you fear the most or perhaps is the most challenging thing in your day. The theory is that leaving yourself for more than 5 seconds allows your brain to talk yourself out of it. I live by this and find myself counting backwards in my head and then launching into that challenging task (Even though the sweat sometimes starts to pour) Slowly, you won’t even need to count — it will happen automatically. Just keep practising.


Three: Don’t stop running towards your dream (Les Brown).

If you read about Les Brown’s path to success, it was one with great defeats. However, the way he achieved success resulted from never slowing down towards running into the arms of his dream. He never gave up, no matter what the adversity. Sacrifices are necessary, and although he doubted himself many times, he never stopped. When things were as bad as hell for him, he just kept on going through the flames of despair. Soon enough, he could handle anything — but he trained his mind by constantly feeding it positivity, that he could take what came with relentless drive and enthusiasm. He’s often quoted this- “The best revenge is MASSIVE SUCCESS.” I highly recommend you read some of his books or catch him on Youtube. He is a force of nature and extremely motivating.


Four: When you have a problem, focus only on the “Can do” part (Napoleon Hill).

Most people automatically start thinking of why they can’t do something or that it’s impossible. Change that around and start thinking of ways to solve it, then begin to act where you stand and do what you can to solve this problem.  It doesn’t matter what issue you may have or what you want to achieve; there is always something you can do right at this moment that will help you move one step forward. Find out what that is, and then go ahead and do it.


Five: What is easy to do is also easy not to do (Jim Rohn).

Eliminate procrastination right now. Whenever you start something new, it’s natural to feel slightly overwhelmed in the beginning. However, everything starts to get easy when you break things down into small steps. All you need to do is take one action step at a time — not a leap.To learn something, you must apply yourself constantly to master a skill. It’s never easy, and it takes discipline and some stretching out of your comfort zone. The problem is, it’s also easy not to do this. People might say I’m too young or old — I’m not skilled or competent enough. What’s not easy is having the guts to take that step forward and make the decision you want to change — then take the next step and keep going.End procrastination by moving forward and keep going! If you want to change your mind and re-condition it to achieve the best life possible, you have to practice every single day and lose the current beliefs and ideas you currently have. Think about the person you want to be, not who you are right now. What will that person have, who will they be, what will they think, and how will they act? Search for things that will feed those desires you have and magnify them until they start coming to life inside you. The hardest thing you will ever do is eliminating old conditioning — It is most certainly a journey of self-mastery that not everyone wants to master. Eliminating old thoughts and behaviours takes a tremendous amount of discipline and mind power — although worth every second of it.

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