Do you set the same goals every year, like losing weight, and starting to exercise but never get past thinking about it?

Don’t run away from your goals!

I think we are all inclined to do this each and every year. It’s always fun to set yourself some goals, and dream about them becoming a reality. The sad fact is that most people just leave it as a dream, never really pursuing what it takes to actually achieve the goals.

Goals in themselves, are really easy to write out, easy to imagine, but not at all easy to execute. This is why so many people have great intentions from the heart, but not enough ‘push factor’ to find the means of achieving it. This leaves them feeling like a failure before the task even begins. Here are some steps below that might help you on your journey.

5 key steps in achieving your weight loss and exercise goals

  1. What is it that you really want, and why?
    What is it that you really want, and why is it so important to you right now? Is it to look great in certain clothes, for your health, or maybe it’s got to do with how you feel on a daily basis. Write out each and every goal you want to achieve, no matter how far out of your reach it is. You want to spill it out on paper, and just keep writing until you have exhausted all your hearts most inner desires.
  2. Be as specific as possible.
    Wright goals in detail, for example; I will weight train with a personal trainer 3 times per week. I will prepare my meals on a Sunday for the whole week, so that I can take one into work each and every day. I will drink my morning coffee without any sweeteners. When you tell yourself you will, you are starting the process towards positive change in your life.
    Now imagine, if you state your goals like this. “I weight train with a personal trainer 3 times a week.” “My meals are prepared every Sunday for the week ahead, having my lunch ready every day for work.” This tells your brain you are already doing it, and it does not know the difference. Automatically as you keep making this change, you will make these choices without even thinking about it! It’s very powerful stuff. Always aim to write the goal like you already do it.
  3. Get some help from empowering and loving people.
    I am a big believer in getting a support network. This can be your trainer, some friends and family members, and perhaps your spouse. Having someone there to champion your goal, and help you stick to it by perhaps going on the same plan as you, makes it so much easier to achieve your own goals. Positive reinforcement from those you look up to is extremely helpful in sticking with your goals, and also enjoying the process a lot more. I used to love my trainers positive conditioning, and being able to share with him my wins and misses, and also getting some really valuable advice in the process. Stick with people that will push you when you need it most, and get rid of any negative people immediately!
  4. Have patience.
    Goals take time, sometimes they take a long time! You must be ok with it, even get into a relaxed state about it. Weight loss and exercise progress is a step by step program, that is always changing, as you are always growing and developing in knowledge and skill. As you get better, things get easier somewhat. It’s very good practice to set days for weight loss, but we have to be extremely realistic. It’s not going to only take 1 month to lose 20kg. This is just setting yourself up for failure. Be your own best buddy, and give yourself a break too! Habits take time to form, (about 2 months of consistent implementation), exercise and diet results take months to become obvious. Remember, as I always say, this is a lifetime commitment, not a 3 month program!
  5. You must take action to make it happen.
    Sitting around and dreaming about your goals is great, but you have to get up of the couch to make things happen for you in real life! Set an exercise and nutrition program, get some help in doing so, plan your meals and your days well so you can always eat properly, and exercise when you need to. These things do take some time to adapt to, but once you get into a routine, and see those results, you will become hooked and wont want to stop. The key thing here is that you stay committed to what your goals are, and do whatever you need to in order to make this happen. Plan your days, but be ok with it all falling to pieces sometimes. None of us are perfect, but making progress is better than perfection.

I do hope this helps you, and good luck on your goal setting and achieving journey. Let me know if I can be of more help.

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