Do you agree that working out before breakfast is better?

Well, I believe this to be so because that’s the time I can work out to achieve my body composition goals. In order to stick to your goals, you must enforce commitment and consistency. If that means training early in the morning, or late in the evening, it doesn’t make any difference at all. What makes the difference is you actually exercising and doing this regularly – that is what will get you the results.

Some studies have shown that working out in the late afternoon or evening does create better results if you are looking towards hypertrophy. Because I’m not an evening trainer, I don’t know what the benefits would be for me, although I’m not keen to work in my training program when most of the gym equipment is taken. This is one of the most frustrating aspects of working out in the evening.

Since everyone structures their workout according to lifestyle, most people opt for afternoon sessions. This can work, although it can be challenging. Mornings are a lot more flexible, and it’s quite hard to talk yourself out of it. Let’s get to some benefits of training in the morning.

6 winning aspects of training in the morning

  1. You can use any machines you want, and perform your training program optimally.
    There is nothing worse when you have your set program, ready to execute, and all those particular machines, or wracks are taken. This happened to me a lot whilst I was in a gym that did not put a cap on the amount of members that could join. I found a good way around this was to just invest in a 24/7 gym, where you can get to your workout anytime is most convenient for you. Convenience is a huge contributor to achieving your fitness goals. If everything is accessible to you when you have a space of time free, you will be more likely to do what’s needed. Mornings are great, as gyms are less likely to be filled with a lot of people, and missing out on one particular exercise is not as bad as missing your whole routine. It leaves you less feeling stress and frustrated, able to get on with your workout as you please.
  2. It set’s you up well for the morning, providing a boost of energy and vitality.
    Despite being sleepy when you get up, exercise in the morning increases your energy levels, and provides you with a nicely elevated mood, with a great outlook to begin the day with. This is particularly beneficial if you have a highly stressful job. Exercise lowers your levels of cortisol which helps increase your muscle mass and fat burning potential.
  3. For men, this is when testosterone is most elevated.
    Testosterone is at it’s highest in the morning, and weight training will be highly beneficial for you, especially if you are after gaining muscle mass. This is the time where they are at their peak, whereas in the afternoon, they are much lower.
  4. You won’t be as inclined to skip your session, as you would in the afternoon.
    I love this fact, because I hear it all the time with many people. The afternoon workout leaves us susceptible to skipping it, because we are tired, worn out or just can’t be bothered anymore. The motivation plummets, and all we want to do is go home and eat in front of the TV. Well, in them morning, you don’t really have a reason, plus you are at your most freshest state. It does take a bit of time (and some coffee!) to get into the groove, but it happens, and the workout will expand your wakefulness even more. It’s the best start to your day.
  5. It eliminates most excuses.
    I don’t know about you, but in the mornings, there is pretty much no excuses (apart from more sleep!) There is no one to interrupt me, no ‘mum I’m hungry’ or housework or the phone ringing. It’s the perfect time to just be present within yourself, and have that time you need just for you. I thoroughly believe that morning workouts are a form of meditation, despite the fact it’s not supposedly relaxing. For me, it’s a form of therapy that I need, and the time I want to spend just listening to music and performing at my best. This is the best kind of environment to get results.
  6. You give your body a metabolic boost.
    Depending on the kind of workout you do, your exercise post oxygen consumption will increase. If you want this to happen with each and every workout, make sure you lift weights (think the bang for your buck compound movements), and for cardio only partake in HIIT. This will greatly enhance your metabolism, and sets you up in a positive environment for caloric deficit. Don’t forget, higher levels of nutrition are required for this to happen.

These factors are not set in stone, and the best most advantageous workout is the one you actually perform consistently. I wont train in the evenings, unless I’m on holidays, and like to stick to my regular routine. Feel free to swap and change when you want to try out something different, or feel that the other option might work best for you. Feel free to contact me if you need further assistance. I have plenty of other blog posts on my wesbsite or join me on fb and insta social standpoints. Please feel free to upvote this answer if it has been useful in some way to you.

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