Sometimes Life Can Become Richer With These 6 Simplest Things

Busy and rundown is almost everyone’s lifestyle at one time or another. Thinking about anything else besides your couch, Pj’s and Netflix is a bit of an effort.

Losing touch with ourselves due to exhaustion is the norm and the reality of life in 2021. We not only carry our masks but hide behind them with endless work tasks, home chores and online social connections. So when does the rushing about ever end for anyone? For me, my unfortunate realisation came from a medical diagnosis of my mum. I knew when she told me her blood results were not looking well for her that my life would change — and it did. That moment I cried in my kitchen, wondering if she would ever be standing here next to me, engaging in laughter, conversation or even a simple hug.During my endless years of work with little play, I aimed for the success of riches and abundance to be the catalyst for my having “made it” in life. That’s been my conditioning. But this is only one small portion of what makes life full-filling. The one thing that matters most above all else is making connections and building relationships with those who give us love and to who we can give our love to. 

Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.Barbara De Angelis

 Work can become self-satisfying, but it doesn’t seem like we have any richness in our hearts without those who love us unconditionally.Why does it take some devastating news of losing a loved one to cause us to change everything? I don’t see it as a slap in the face but a perching of the heart. I had promised myself that 2021 would be the year for me to shine, but from April, it has become my year of endless gratitude and self-service to the one person I love most — my mum. Now my focus is on spending as much time as I can with her, ensuring that every moment she has is the best it can be. There will be doctors appointments and sad news, but the intent for me is that she knows there is love all around her, right up until the end. This has forced me to stop and reflect on my life, what I want now and in the future. So here are some simplicities of life that take my breath away every time. 

We can all fight against loneliness by engaging in random acts of kindness.Gail Honeyman

 Simple act one: Kind attention to the elderly.I feel that sometimes the older and wiser can become part of the forgotten crowd. It makes me sad just how many elderly patients don’t have a loved one to stand by their side when things age and disease takes over. There, within those heartbreaking settings between hospital walls, is when I’ve had a simple conversation with them. Acknowledging and showing you care makes a huge difference to them. I often think that when I’m in that stage of my life, will I too be alone and without someone who can support me? Think about how they may feel next time you are amongst those who have swapped their youth for wisdom. It will be you sitting in that chair one day. Simple act two: Ask friends if they are OK:I always feel so selfish and self-absorbed with my situation right now.  It’s hard to imagine that anyone else out there could be experiencing something as hurtful. But the world is filled with pain, and many of these gorgeous souls feel alone and without hope. If you reach out to one person and ask them how they are, it can change their life. If it’s a friend, work colleague or even a neighbour, everyone loves to be considered and appreciated. So why not spread it around as much as you possibly can because one day it will come back to you (especially when you need it most). 

I’ve been searching for ways to heal myself, and I’ve found that kindness is the best way.Lady Gaga

 Simple act three: Enjoy a moonlight walk. Most people go for a morning or evening walk — but what about one that’s during the moonlight hour?It’s very early in the morning — possibly at about 4–6 am in your particular part of the world. This time of the morning is spectacularly peaceful and serene.There is no competition with cars, people or external sounds. It’s a beautiful time to walk in silence, put in some good music (or an audiobook) and keep on walking. Simple act Four: Spill it out on your laptopThis is something I started doing very regularly, especially when the news first struck home.I had no outlet for my emotions, and I felt that I might be going somewhat mad. Friends would ask me how I’m feeling, and I had nothing at all.I couldn’t string together a sentence that spoke to a person of how I felt. It was beyond my understanding then, and I felt compelled to put those strings of words together to make some sentences on my laptop. That’s when the writing started to take shape and form. Not only is it therapeutic, but it allows me to crack open the shell of my inner self.If you find it hard to speak to other people, take up a pen, tablet, or canvas. Everyone’s self-expression has a beautiful story and picture for the audience. What is your message?People are waiting to hear from you in whatever form takes place. 

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.”— Virginia Woolf 

 Simple act Five: Take five & stop. We are so busy rushing about to work, school pick up, shopping and anything else that we’re running late for yet again.Wouldn’t it be nice to take five, allowing for some deep breaths and just stop? Everything is gone, go, go encouraging the flight and fight instinct in our bodies. Eventually being in this state can wreck your nervous system with too much cortisol.That brings about all sorts of problems.  So when you are on a tight deadline or facing something challenging, close your eyes, take a deep breath and take 5 — stop and allow those feelings to rush through you in whatever way they need to. Take it all in, and then drag the breath out. Having a centred moment will allow you to gather your thoughts and emotions, leading to better and more precise decisions. 

Simple act six: Cry it out when things get too much.

I found this very hard to do for many years. It wasn’t until I received the news about my mum that the tears flow any time of day.

Sometimes it’s so hard to keep them in that I just let it go. For years I kept everything that hurt in my heart — but that creates a lot of distress in your body.I experience lots of digestive and immune system setbacks because of this.Keeping things inside always fester and become a poison that affects all your other systems. Be sure to let some of that gunk out once in a while — for your own health’s sake. Life is always more prosperous when we show love to others, especially in their time of need.With the pandemic spreading like wildfire everywhere, there is no better time than to show kindness and love — spread richness of heart to everyone you come across daily. It takes a tiny step that produces such an enormous benefit — Human connection has no price tag on it but that of love — the most treasured & sacred act of all 

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