What if the ultimate disease-fighting medication was the food you don’t consume every day?

Woman eating a healthy bowl of salad

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.


I truly live by this principle and believe that every ailment we have, pain, discomfort or disease, can, in some way, be controlled or eliminated by food. As a sufferer of food allergies and intolerances all my life, I know how vital nutrition pays in my overall health.


One wrong move, and I can be ill for days on end, and cause many problems for my immune system and digestion. Some people don’t experience insurmountable pain for not following a proper nutritional plan. Unfortunately, the symptoms and signs can become apparent later on in life.

For instance, my mum was a celiac sufferer for over 20 years. At the time of her diagnosis, she was put on a gluten-free diet. Mum and I would scour the supermarkets and health food outlets for things she could buy and use to make bread. For many years, she ate processed bread and other snacks (I was, too, mind you), and now, in her 80s, she has diabetes. This could have been reversible with some common knowledge regarding food additives and even reading labels correctly. We tend to look at the allergen, not the actual nutritional value and ingredients.

If we only allowed processed foods as a treat, many of our health issues would disappear once per week in our diets.

Going back to basics and feeding ourselves nourishing, whole foods that derive from the ground will make a difference to everyone. Think about all the increased alertness in children, the ease of behavioural problems, focus, and an end to obesity. If only we could stop digging graves without teeth! It has come to this for a lot of people.

Although we can’t turn back the hand of time, it is very important to inform young people that their nutritional choices will have a detrimental effect as they age. If we set in motion the proper dietary guidelines for ourselves and our families, we’re doing our health and the planet a higher level of service.

Next time you are in the supermarket, think about how you want to live. I want my life to be filled with abundance and outstanding health as much as possible. We may get older daily, but we don’t have to be old. Nourish your body, as it’s the only thing you have to carry you from each stage of your life.

Don’t you think you deserve the best and healthiest life possible?

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