Warning – These Four Nuts might harm your health

Healthy peanut butter spread with peanuts

Know enough about your snacks before you go ahead and eat them regularly

Eating nuts as a snack is healthy — but it may not be a good plan of snack action as we once thought.
Different nuts derive from many parts of the world — and we don’t know what chemicals are used along the processing gateway.
But, if you purchase yours locally — you may be one of the lucky ones.
Nuts also have a different nutritional profile, which you should also consider.
Regarding bulk sourcing, retailers usually pick the trusted supplies, and the supplier will do what it needs to profit from its customers.
We are their end-of-line customers.
So, with any food purchases, no matter how raw in the form they are, we need to be vigilant regarding the place of origin, and its impact on the environment and our health.
Read nutritional labels and always check any information online from reputable sources before you eat.
Here are some mindful tips on what nuts might be a hindrance, depending on your lifestyle goals.

Culprit one — Almonds!

I put almonds first and foremost because I eat them — but I know where my almonds come from!
We also use almonds in our milk as a plant-based alternative; they are nutritious and delicious.
One thing to be mindful of is that California’s the only US state producing almonds commercially.
California is supplying most domestic markets with its almonds.
Depending on what’s happening in California at certain times of the year will impact how almonds are manufactured.
Did you know that one almond takes 1.1 gallons of water to grow? Almonds are draining water supplies, that’s for sure.
Almonds impact the environment in a big way. Is it worth it in terms of deliciousness?

Culprit two — Macadamia

Oh, how sad this is, as I LOVE Macadamias, and whenever I’m in Hawaii, I’m stocking up on these guys to bring back home!
Although there is nothing wrong with macadamias, they are a HIGH FAT nut. It’s the highest-fat nut, with 1,000 calories in a cup.
If you find it hard to lose weight, eat many of these guys. But for most of us, it’s best to keep these servings minimum and have a couple at a time.
I find macadamias very filling and can’t handle more than about 4. However, considering they are quite filling, I suspect it would be hard to overindulge in them.
But do be careful.

Culprit Three — Pine nuts

Pine nuts are my favourite choice in salads, and recipes, such as pesto.
I had no idea this weird and unexplained symptom derived from eating bad pine nuts.
You can get a bitter or metallic taste in your mouth for months if you eat a bad dose of pine nuts. It usually lasts about a month, but it’s very uncomfortable and could turn people off their food.
It’s called pine nut syndrome.
So, if you choose to eat pine nuts, perhaps skip it unless you don’t mind that keto-like metallic mouth for a while!

Culprit Four — Peanuts!

Oh my, peanuts are my biggest love (in peanut butter, that is!).
Now, allergies to peanuts are prevalent today, so it’s best to stay vigilant because of their effects on sufferers.
Don’t eat them before or when you see someone with a peanut allergy — please!
Peanuts also have something called aflatoxins, which is a contaminant and is found in corn too.
Aflatoxins are fungi, and entire fields may be contaminated at one time, from field to processing.
To get around this, don’t eat mouldy peanuts or look discoloured. This fungus can cause health issues, so be aware if you are a peanut eater.

Key takeaways

Most of these nuts are the types we love and eat daily.
It pays to be very vigilant regarding our health and lifestyle goals. Then, pick locally, and support small businesses and those trying to make a difference in the environment.
I can’t tell you not to eat these nuts because I love almonds and peanuts (with a dash of macadamias), but I will shop from local farmers and keep contributing to them doing the right thing for my environment and health.

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