Best Kept Secret Way To Add More Protein In Your Diet

Peanuts with peanut butter on a spoon

It’s probably one of your favourites but in a different form

I apologise in advance to anyone who is allergic to this.
I feel sorry for those who can’t eat this delicious staple food that builds muscle and satisfies any clean eater along their dietary journey.
All that good, healthy food is wonderful — but sometimes, we only want a big, warm, runny spoon of delicious peanut butter to hit the ‘fat’ spot!
If you already lift weights or are a big fan of exercise, you probably use peanut butter as a snack or something that appears within your meal choice.
Peanut butter not only tastes wonderful, but it also contains many key nutrients that benefit our body. We should all know that protein is a key nutrient in this plant powerhouse.
I get that some people are very put off by the high-fat profile of peanut butter and don’t want to add dollops of peanut butter to their smoothies or foods.
If this is your preference, then have you considered powdered peanut butter?
It’s got a lot less fat than pure peanut butter, and many companies are adding more ingredients that make it a higher nutritional value than your stock standard peanut butter in a jar.
Consumer reports state that one tables spoon of powdered peanut butter contains 3–4 grams of protein, 25 calories and 1 gram of fat. So, adding this to your pre- or post-workout smoothie will vastly increase your protein levels.
Compared to real peanut butter, it also contains the same amount of protein but is much higher in calories (96, to be exact), with 8 grams of fat per tablespoon.
Speaking of fat — don’t get too caught up on this.
Peanut butter is mostly heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, which we need. But, unfortunately, powdered peanut butter doesn’t give you the same fat grading.

What about the taste?

Well, I have tasted it, and It’s not too bad. But I use it in different ways.
I don’t mind the higher fat content of peanut butter because fat makes you feel much more satisfied with less.
Overall, I believe you eat less — but some people may disagree with me!
Powdered peanut butter (for me) is useful in smoothies, desserts and other baked goods. However, it doesn’t mess too much with consistency, and using less is cheaper.
Peanut butter also makes cakes and muffins very dense — whereas a powder form doesn’t.
I suggest playing around with it to determine what works best for your needs.
But I do encourage you to use it in post-workout smoothies.
It’s also great when you want to add some extra calories to a protein powder. We can’t always eat after training, and it most certainly takes the edge off hunger when you will be in a meeting for three hours!
If you wanted a recommendation for powdered peanut butter, I love this one here.
In terms of the good old-fashioned peanut butter, this is my favourite!

Some recipe ideas for you:

  • Mix powdered peanut butter with popcorn (and add a bit of salt and ghee for extra nutritional value)
  • Add powdered peanut butter to your oats while they soak overnight
  • Mix powdered peanut butter in yogurt and top with your favourite berries and perhaps some shredded nuts
  • Make Asian-style noodles or chicken by adding some stock and water.

If you want some real recipe inspo, try powdered peanut butter in these recipes.
Then, let me know your taste test verdict.

Recipes to try

Use some powdered peanut butter in this keto recipe
Try adding some powdered peanut butter to this nut bar mix
Lunch is calling for some peanut butter goodness

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